(NEW) casual server on liveflight app?

i noticed a button that said casual server new, now i never heard of a new casual server being added can somebody link be to that topic

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Hmmm yeah that is odd….

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I would suspect it’s a server rework of some kind this happened when they changed to global as well there are several different reasons. It also could be a technical thing on that extension to update the connection with infinite flight for more accurate information.

Not again…

@Balloonchaser , you had one job at LiveFlight. What happened?


We’re doing some server upgrades, if you’ve started a flight on Casual after this morning, you’ll be on Casual Server (New). This is temporary and soon there will only be one Casual Server again

Note that you’ll only see “Casual Server” in Infinite Flight - it will automatically direct you to the correct one on our end :)


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