New Camera

This week I finally got a DSLR for spotting here’s a few practice shots I got this weekend

N470NA a Avro RJ passing over my house at 2000AGL before lining over up on the ILS into KGYI (North Texas Regional / Perrin Field)

N1256 a Cirrus SR22 parked on the ramp at F31 (Lake Texoma State Park)

Thank you so much @AndrewWu for your help in selecting camera Equipment

Camera Equipment:
Nikon D3400
Nikkor 70-300mm


That AvroJet though… I don’t know why but they seem really fun to fly lol
Nice camera and pictures!!

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Cool pics! Avro RJ is a cool plane. Like a baby C17 almost


That’s literally what I think every time I see an Avro lol

Welcome To DSLR Club 😇

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It has been my weapon for 4 years now, you’ll love it! 🔥


Ayy!! Can’t wait to see some spotting topics with that new beast!!

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Nikon Bros :)

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I don’t see them often but they’re always a fun sight

Thank you and lol it kinda is

Thank you


Thank you and the same with you



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