New Camera Spotting @EHAM | December 29th 2020


A couple of weeks ago on Christmas, I got a Canon Eos 2000d/Rebel T7.

About half a week later, I went on holidays to a small village near Haarlem, a very posh place for my standards.
Good thing about that is that the house was a mere 20 minute drive to Schiphol, so I went pretty much every day, taking about 350 photos over the three days I went planespotting there.
I most likely will be posting more topics on the other sessions, but here’s the first session, which was mainly messing around with the new camera body.

This new camera means a lot to me, since I used to have a Canon Eos 350d, which was literally something they’d sell in an antique store. The fact that I could preview the photos on my phone without hooking the camera up to my laptop already seemed amazing to me.

For today’s session I went to the good old Polderbaan spotting area (18R). The weather this session was strange, but not too bad. There was no rain, which is a miracle for Holland at this time of year.
At some point in this topic you will find some pretty weird lighting, I’ll explain it then.

Camera equipment

Canon Eos 2000d + Tamron AF70-300mm f/4-5.6

When I arrived at the Polderbaan, they started using 18C, literally teasing me as I could watch the aircraft in the distance landing.
Just as I was about to go back, I saw an aircraft on final turn its landing lights on, and then this topic started!

Anyways, I’ll stop boring you. Here are the photos.

I was so happy that they started using the Polderbaan, that I even took pictures of what I like to call “fillers” (Common aircraft like KLM 737 and Embraer aircraft).
Very first photo here is KLM Boeing 737 from Zurich.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 737-7K2
Airline: KLM
Registration: PH-BGN
Serial number: 38125
Flight number: KL1954
Aircraft Age: 9 years, March 2011

As I knew there weren’t too many planes inbound, I decided to take pictures of some small planes as well, enjoy this Embraer shot from Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Embraer 175STD
Airline: KLM Cityhopper
Registration: PH-EXZ
Serial number: 17000723
Flight number: KL1364
Aircraft Age: 2 years, April 2018

Fun fact: Embraer 175s do not need to use reverse thrust on the Polderbaan due to its length. The Embraer aircraft keep their nose up as long as possible, which will bleed off airspeed very efficiently without using brakes or reverse thrust.

Number two is a KLM Boeing 787-9 from Tokyo Narita with its spoilers and GEnx reversers deployed

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Airline: KLM
Registration: PH-BHH
Serial number: 38767
Flight number: KL862
Aircraft Age: 4 years, August 2016

Next up is KLM Boeing 777-200ER from Guayaquil touching down nice and firmly.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 777-206(ER)
Airline: KLM
Registration: PH-BQD
Serial number: 33713
Flight number: KL753
Aircraft Age: 17 years, December 2003

This is where the weird lighting comes in. There is heavy overcast everywhere except for where I was. Take a look.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 737-8K2
Airline: KLM
Registration: PH-BXD
Serial number: 29134
Flight number: KL1074
Aircraft Age: 21 years, August 1999

Two very different looking pictures: first one being in what looks like a massive storm, and the second showing a beautiful morning.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Airline: KLM
Registration: PH-BHG
Serial number: 38766
Flight number: KL686
Aircraft Age: 4 years, June 2016

Breaking the KLM-only streak of this topic is LATAM Cargo Boeing 767 with the same weird lighting as before.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 767-316F(ER)
Airline: LATAM Cargo Colombia
Registration: N532LA
Serial number: 30780
Flight number: UC1506
Aircraft Age: 20 years, August 2000

Wrapping up today’s topic is Etihad Cargo Boeing 777 freighter from Abhu Dhabi.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Boeing 777-FFX
Airline: Etihad Cargo
Registration: A6-DDE
Serial number: 62745
Flight number: EY917
Aircraft Age: 4 years, February 2016

That’s it for this session, I hope to make more topics on the sessions of the new year.

All feedback is appreciated!

What was your favourite photo?
  • 1 - KLM B737
  • 2 - KLM Embraer 175
  • 3 - KLM B789
  • 4 - KLM B772
  • 5 - KLM B738
  • 6 - KLM B789
  • 7 - KLM B789 with Control Tower backdrop
  • 8 - LATAM Cargo B763
  • 9 - Etihad Cargo B77F

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Thanks a lot for checking out this topic, have a nice day/night wherever you are!

Rian O’Shea


New camera but the same 🤮 quality. For the people who don’t know what a life is ✨ it’s sarcasm ✨


Those are some really nice pics

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Would look GREAT on JetPhotos :)


I dont know why but could it be that EHAM has those dark clouds quite often? I think I regularly see those on pictures taken at Schipol

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When I fell bad I often like to look at your photos and I feel a lot better then:)

Thanks a lot!

Trust me it won’t be haha


In Holland all year is winter.


Oh well I didnt know you had a second London in Amsterdam xD Is it at least only the clouds or does the weather also offer rain in this lovely Happy Meal?

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Well… there are clouds everywhere and rain 99% of the time, guess I just caught it on time.

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Man these are unreal, hope you enjoy the new camera

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It was 40+ degrees in July 2019 when I visited…

Anyway, that’s off-topic. Great shots, mate!

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Looks nice!

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Thanks Luke! Camera sure is nice compared to its predecessor.

Haha, thanks a lot.

All year is winter except summer🤯

Thank you!

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Winters too cold, summers too hot, spring too allergic and autumn too rainy

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Guess that’s one way to sum it up… summers are pretty nice imo.

Anyways, this is a spotting topic so we’ll stop talking about the weather haha

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