New Camera, New City, Sus Amogus? - Manchester Spotting 20/10/21

Spotting @ EGCC 20/10/21, RWY 23R

With work taking me up to the north (help) for a day, why not make a stop at Manchester and do some spotting? With me ending up at Leeds later in the evening, I’d need all the time to mentally prepare anyway. And knowing the A380 would be coming in, why not take my newly acquired camera and get some use out of it?

Of course, mother nature didn’t agree. The weather started off poor, brightened up and progressively got worse throughout the day. Lighting conditions were bad, worse and then basically impossible to shoot in, calling the session to a close when the heavens opened up on me. Anyway, you only want one thing, and it’s disgusting. Here you go:

Starting off with perhaps the show of the day, the Emirates A380. For such a large aircraft, it was really difficult to get an image in focus. This was the best of the lot, and what a silent giant she was. I stuck around to watch her depart, but the weather had become torrential and I didn’t risk having the camera out.

Immediately afterwards was the Etihad 787 having flown in from Abu Dhabi, this particular one being A6-BLS in the “Choose Japan” livery. Poor lighting on this one sadly.

G-TUMC was next on the arrivals, a Tui operated Boeing 737 Max 8 arriving from Ibiza. Nice to see the Max properly in the sky again.

Next is PH-WTC, a privately owned Dassault Falcon 2000S, having flown in from Dublin, and then departing a few hours later to Leeds, because people apparently want to go there…

Next is a Tui/ Sunwing (I can honestly never remember which) Boeing 737-800, having flown in from sunny Palma de Mallorca, showing off those gorgeous split scimitars.

Some familiar orange in the shape of an easyJet A320-214, having flown in from Thessaloniki in Greece. God I love that shade of orange.

Ahh, another nice orange easyJet. This is more what I’m used to. A screamer of a neo, G-UZHR, an A320-251N having flown in from Luqa (Malta). A nice break in the clouds make for a gorgeous shot

And the same is true for the next beauty. This one being a Qatar Boeing 77W having flown in from Doha. What a beautiful machine, and thankfully the storms holding off for the time being.

Some more normality now, as we go back to the usual roster of Orange and Blue. This one being a Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS, EI-EKL, having also flown in from Thessaloniki.

Rounding off the session, we have a final flurry of orange. An ol’ mate easyJet A320-251N, having flown in from Gibraltar and arriving an hour late. No need to fear, my next spotting topic will be back to the same boring usual from Bristol!

No birb again sadly, I think they were sheltering from the substantial wind

Gear Used

Canon EOS 90D
Canon 55-250mm IS STM 1:4-5.6
Canon 18-55mm IS II 1:3-5.6 (Kit Lens)
Can of boomer juice
A van
Unprecedented quantities of water
A nice pub called “The Airport”. Situated at the end of the runway, I highly recommend a visit next time you are near.

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Thanks for watching, and as always…
thanks for watching.

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First. Does this make me part of the cool Sus Amogus crew? 🙃

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Great photos, Manchester is a fantastic spotting airport!

Really nice to see our traffic building up

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That Tui/Sunwing is Sus. We can’t even tell which airline it is :troll:

Awesome photos!

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Great photos! I love the Qatar 777.


The quality is amazing!! The title… is something else 😂


Very nice shots! I always like to do some panning on T3

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Very nice shots! I really like that Emirates A380 shot! Too bad you weren’t able to get more light on those beautiful liveries ):

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sir that’s a rooster 🥴 nice pics Dan


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