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I’m not sure if this is just me or if others have experienced this. While using the cameras I setup my two internals cameras as I saw fit in the brand new Air France 777W after that I setup my main camera and HUD to be straight and level to see out the cockpit window. After doing so I pushback and change camera from interior to the original exterior camera for taxi. The problem arises when that after taxi I tried to change to cockpit view but when I try to change my camera by placing my finger over the camera icon none of the drop down menu appears. a few slides and guesses later I am back in cockpit. The Cameras work fine it is obvious the menu in some function is still there but is not visible and has become a guessing game. This has happened before but has never become sustained throughout a flight. Is this a known bug, something new, or something I am dealing with myself?

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Try to wait before you get ot cruse. The devs don’t want you distracted while taxing. Just see if they come back on at cruse

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I taxi from outside due to not wanting to clip the taxi lines and hold short lines once I’m holding short of the runway a runway is plenty wide to turn from in the cockpit. All cameras were setup before I even pushedback. I’m at cruise and it still isn’t working. Camera Switches only happen while stopped or in the air and not in ATC territory. I never endangered anything or anyone’s Realism on Expert server.


Hey Devon!

Is it possible you can take a screenshot of the issue (the camera view menu not displaying properly) and post it here?

sorry for late response if this is late. 2 things. If I posted a screenshot it would look like the standard screen while you were flying. Imagine like you just took off nothing looks out of the ordinary. Secondly it was 3 days ago I haven’t flown since( I was flying IRL) but if it occurs again I will definitely ad more information.

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