New Callsigns (Airlines we don't have)

So in the callsign page there is 2 branches general aviation and airlines
A 3rd branch would be added is that to add a non exist airline name then ID then Suffix
So for Ex.
Royal Jordanian 621


This would most likely bring back the trolls who use curse words. Otherwise, it’s a decent idea.

Ideas? Anyone

Let’s first try and get all the airlines as callsign options that we have liveries for in IF. Like currently there is missing Austrian for example

VA callsign option?

{{airline}} {{flight nr}} {{suffix}}

can be
[Personnalized] [flight nr] [suffix (can be personnalized whit 2 letters max]

and bound your VA callsign

[TravelSky] [10] [DC]
and finally, atc says: TravelSky ten delta charlie
and not TSK10DC, tango sierra kilo 10 delta charlie

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Near to suffix means Heavy or super of Flight of #

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