New callsign Please

Can someone help me make a new callsign I have no good ideas 😪

Use the callsign assigned to your livery :)

First letters of your name…

Favourite words to say (no rude words)

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For GA callsigns, I do enjoy using food names. For example, CREMSODA, BACNFRYS,MACNCHEZ, etc.


Does G-RY4N sound good?


Definitely, I got my personal callsign with some letters of my name. Sounds good!


Ok I will use that

Welcome to the forum!

A few options for your callsign:

  1. Pick one and stick with it, for each flight. A name or callsign that belongs to you, who you are, where you’re from, a name, etc.
  2. Pick one for each flight. If you fly real routes, or you are part of a Virtual Airline, pick a real life one that belongs to the flight you do. Great for real life simulation.
  3. If you always fly the same airline, pick a callsign that matches the airline system.

I’m not a real-route flyer. So I picked a callsign that is from my country and has my name in it: PH-ADZ. I see many people who have fixed callsigns, and relate them to their country. Check the International Aircraft Registration Prefixes.


Sure! Thank you

You can close this post or someone can thank you!

I like the callsign G-RY4N.

Also, regulars can’t close stuff, mods can :)

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Yeah! The callsign should be something that represents something about you. Whether is be your name, or it changes every flight because you prefer the most realistic setting possible.

For example, my callsign is BIONIC, which is because its what my friends called me after a knee surgery last August.

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Anything but an 8 letter phonetically-read-back callsign.

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My callsign is one of my favorite bands, Green Day.

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Yeah people with 8 AAAAAAAA is really annoying lol


I was just LAX tower on TS and someone was named “Delta 0000000000” so I agree it is annoying.

Ooooffff I feel really bad for you lol

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