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Found a bug while takeing screen shots of the 757 for an upcoming Virtual airlines DHL when I pressed the push back button to get ready to taxi to the runway the plane will not push back at all so I left the game and spawned in again and it did the same thing the 757-200 will not push back the push back function isn’t working and I tested it out ten times the push back function is broken. Needs to be fixed

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Maybe include some screenshots…
I’ve used the pushback button on the 757 many times and it worked for me.


I had this problem today. This plane needs to be reworked. Lower your weight and fuel then pushback and keep your engines off. Once your pushback is complete then increase your weight and fuel.



Have you tried one of the following?

•Restart Infinite Flight
•Restart your phone

Can you also provide us with more information? Such as

•what device you use
•Operating system of the device


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It’s not me it’s the plane all the other planes push back fine but the 757-200 will not something in the codeing is probably messed up I have an android j7 but I don’t think that’s the issue I think it’s the plane and the update messed something up with in it

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Have you tried restarting your phone and or infinite flight? Usually these types of things fix any errors that might have happened

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I already tried that it didn’t push back at all when I tested it out to see

Its a problem with the airplane. Just to get this plane to move forward you have to increase the throttle to about 30%, even on the old IF version. The plane is just too heavy.

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Actually, the plane’s engines are the problem. They are too overpowered in IF.


I had another user reporting this the other day, and it seems to work fine? However, it’s picking up speed rather slowly… so if you were to wait just a few seconds it will pusback.

I have experience the same bug on two different occasions so far. Aircraft was Frontier Airlines A320 spawning at KCOS in the expert Global server -Android. Restart the device fixed the issue, but think this is something that probably needs to be looked into.

Nope it will not push at all not even if I wait the plane needs a repair and I need this plane for the Virtual airline with all functions when is the soonest it can be sent in for maintenance?

The 757 will be reworked eventually, but it will probably take a while.

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I am flying a 787-10 to Beijing and found some minor bugs on figures display, i.e. SPD: M0.84 should be 316, ETE to Dest: 01:05 should be 01:00:05, because five minutes later it becomes 55:05. Kindly note.

No idea what this means here? 316 KIAS? If that’s what you mean you may want to re calculate that. Or it’s just the fact the A/p switches to Mach at FL280.

That’s just the way it is.

This also isn’t the thread for any bug you may find.

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Please do not take over someones support thread. If you have an issue please post a separate thread for YOUR issue.

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