New Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-300

Brussels Airlines just announced a new livery for their a330’s which are expected to come next year (in 2022) It would be a nice addition in IF.

Credit: Brussel Airlines

Love the new livery and I’ll vote once there are some A330s in this paint scheme!


Tbh I’d like to see this! I’m curious to see this one beside the old livery!

I actually like the old classic Livery better


I’m on the old side as well. Sry!


Reminds of of Croatian Airlines’ livery. Personally not a fan of how the new livery looks very blank compared to the old one. Still an interesting livery that could be in the sim.

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Bleh, it looks like a perfectly good A330 got chicken pox, the old livery is/was a classic

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hopefully we get both the liveries side by side as im not sure of removing the old livery Entirely.
This gets my support tho

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The first A330 has now been painted in this livery, hopefully this gets more attention!


We need this, definitely

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Such a lazy and bland scheme. Old ones looks a whole lot better

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If you don’t like it, don’t vote ??
You don’t have to complain here

Nice, voted!


Thank you for your support 👍👌

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6 votes ! Thank you everyone

Could you replace this picture by a real one ?
For example →

Picture from : OO-SFX - Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-300 at Brussels - Zaventem | Photo ID 1458227 |


Sorry but I can’t edit the main post since it’s been some time since it has been posted so no edit feature is available. But this image is definitely better since this livery is now active and flying around the world! At the time there was only this image which Brussel Airlines had…

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Oh… ok no problem !
Thank you for creating this feature request !

I see it takeoff almost every day from my home airport… I would like to vote but I don’t know how

Voted :) it finally works 😆