New Boeing SUGAR Volt!

Check out this electric hybrid plane that Boeing is working on. This video is a bit old, but as far as I know they are still working on it. I think an electric airplane like the Sugar Volt would be a great help to global warming because aircraft cause a lot of pollution. What do you think?


It’s very cool and interesting:)


A Dash-8 with 787 wings and a electric hybrid engine.


That’s about right:-)

I don’t think emissions effect the environment in a sim :)

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This is a RWA topic.

Anyway, where are the sources?

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Why not use solar panels to power smaller things like coffee machine, lights etc., and then batteries for the larger stuff.


It has the fuselage and nose of an A320, wings of a 787, the tail of a 717 and engines of an A350… What the heck.

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This is Real World Aviation

Yup, it’s pretty crazy!

It is a Real World Aviation Topic and the source is the YT video.

The part from the Fuselage to the Wings better be sturdy!

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I don’t know, they’re the experts:-)

I see a idea coming out like boom. I would like to see it. Happen in the future.

this isn’t the future. The blended wing will be. You have more surface area for solar panels with the flying wing, with more lift and you have the entire wing to store cargo and passengers. Boeings introduction of folding wings on the 777X is a test of the feasibility of incorporation of folding wings in the blended wing design to reduce the amount of change required for airports. The electricity produced by the solar panels would cover all electrical requirements of the aircraft and provide some electrical output to the engines. The blended wing also incorporates less drag from a lack of tail components.

If anything the sugar volt will be used to test new hybrid engines that use both solar power and bio fuel that will be incorporated in the flying wing aircraft. I doubt it will ever carry passengers or cargo.

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-opens envelope- And Airbus… you are NOT the father!

I like the idea and the design already! Looks like something I cannot wait to see at airports.

Very interesting kinda love the idea. Looks like an ATR with turbine engines

Yes, That would be so cool!

Maybe this plane is the Boeing 797.

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