New Boeing Hypersonic Aircraft!!!

Boeing has been developing a hypersonic aircraft that reaches Mach 5. 1/5 the speed of space shuttles entering the atmosphere, and 1/4 the speed of missiles.

Hey guys, just found out the plane would cruise at 90,000 ft, in the Stratosphere, right above the ozone layer.


Cant wait for this tech to be a thing again.

The question is: Will the sonic booms be loud enough for it to not fly over US soil like what happened to the Boeing 2707 and the Concorde?

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It does not say on the website @Tnel.

I know, just wondering

They had this same dream back when Concorde was showed off to the world. I wouldn’t get my hopes up as it probably won’t happen.


A sonic boom is dangerous to both life and property (it can damage ears and break glass on buildings). As a result, this plane would be completely obsolete if it flew over land masses only. It would have to be used as a trans-Pacific/Atlantic plane.

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The answer is: Fly higher and you won’t hear the sonic booms.

But I do believe Boeing is currently developing such an aircraft, I’ve seen them mentioned it on Instagram. I think they also mentioned one thing they emphasise is quietness but I don’t know whether are they referring to the sonic booms or cabin noise.

“Theoretically, yes, but higher altitudes are not practical for commercial human flight. The Concorde was already flying at about 60,000 feet altitude and that is just about the practical limit.”

— Krishna Kumar Subramanian,
Aircraft Engineer, Aircraft Systems Educator

The aircraft actually cruises at 90,000 ft.

As long as it’s not a guzzler considering oil prices these days, it is definitely a good idea in Boeing’s part.

I don’t agree with you, your words aren’t clear .

One of the reasons why the Concorde wasn’t successful is because it used too much fuel hence expensive to run. What I was trying to say if the supersonic plane has good numbers in terms of fuel efficiency then it would be successful considering the high fuel prices currently.

I just got clickbaited. Maybe say it is a concept as they haven’t made it yet.

I have actually made an article on this!

The world is too small for things that fast… They would basically get up to 90,000 and have to start descending right after that. This seems like something better suited for space travel… Also RIP the ozone layer if that thing is gonna punch through it 3000 times a day…

I think this is the third topic on this aircraft. We know about it and we don’t need more topics.