New Boeing hub in Australia!

Hello Community!
Today the Boeing signed their contract for a plane to create new jobs and a new hub in Adelaide, Australia. The hub is going to be Boeing’s main location for Australia and Indonesia. It is believed that the hub will open jobs for researchers, engineers and software designers. Adelaide being the second main hub in Australia, (after Queensland) it is believed to be a R&D center and a hub for military development!


Hope you enjoyed this little news!


Oh wow that’s amazing! I will definately have to go there one day!!! 😁 Thank you so much for sharing the info!


Straya mate

Now Qantas can replace a330 if they can get a sneaky deal with boeing :)

I know some like A330 just my opinion :)


They should replace them with 777-9X’s that’d be awesome.

maybe 787-10 or 777-8X or 787-9 depending on route

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I wouldn’t say the 787-10, but the 777-8X is definately an option.


They already have this :)

some of the smaller routes operated by them could be replaced with 787-9 or 10 but most with the 777-8X

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yes that was quick the must of agreed with my comment ;)

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i forget about airbus a350 they could replace them with that as well

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That would be interesting.

Let’s just let them keep the 330s


no i will not i will go up to the ceo and say i am not flying them hahahahaha my plan is genius they will loss $


I heard something about this rumoured last year. This is so awesome!

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Though cutting down jobs in Melbourne hub.

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A good move. It will help increase it’s presence in the region.

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