New Blog Style Topic Feature

G’day all, today I propose to you a new feature for the forum. This new feature would be for us to create blog style topics.

How would this be implemented?

The forum admins would be able to add the plug-in from Discourse. By default the feature is only enabled for admins and moderators in the #blog category but can be changed in the plug-in settings to allow users with a specific trust level to make topics in the category.

New Category

There would be a new category just for this feature so it’s not a wide spread feature and so every topic isn’t in a blog style format because this feature is category specific so if we add it to #general every topic would be in the blog style.

Wouldn’t this be abused and or misused?

It could be so to limit the possibility every topic would require moderator approval so the feature isn’t misused (not sure if it’s even possible, pretty sure it is though). Or the category could be locked so only users trust level 3 and above can post in it.

Targeted user base

The user base for this feature would be for the people that love making informative posts.

What would it look like?

Below is a link to a fully interactive version of this feature:

Learn more below


It’s a good idea but if you lock the topic to TL3 and above isn’t that like the lounge then just on topic?


Everyone would still be able to view it as a public category just like #announcements is.

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Ok but only regulars can type in it?

Stated here, anyone TL3 and above would be allowed to post in it.

Just to reiterate I did say could be for users TL3 and above.

As a person who writes such informative topics regularly based on #real-world-aviation I don’t think this is necessary. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good idea. But every topic here on the IFC has to be related to the game or aviation somehow. Therefore, those blogposts would be aviation topics as well. And as their based on real world aviation, the perfect category for them in my opinion is #real-world-aviation.

I also don’t think that we need an extra design for posts like that. The editor IFC provides does already offer some good design choices perfect for topics like that.

That’s where you can find most of those topics anyway, from whoever created them. There aren’t too many users creating such topics and because of that I think it’s best to keep them in the already existing categories.


You have a good point but it would be nice for those select few people that like different formats, I’m one of them. If they were to make a new category(s) I think #general-informative and #real-world-aviation-informative would be good for this as one involves Infinite Flight and the other Real World Aviation.

I also don’t think it should be only regulars and above who can post on it. The quality of a post doesn’t have to do with a TL. I know plenty of TL2 who can make important, meaningful posts.

I also know there are quite a few regulars who aren’t capable of making “blog-worthy” posts.

If we exclude the TL lock, it sounds like a good idea.

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That’s an option listed on the original post.

Thanks for the idea :) You are free to format your topics in any way you wish, however as Infinite Flight already has an official blog and #blog category on the forum, this would likely muddy the waters between what’s official content and what isn’t. If you start your own actual blog (give it a try!), feel free to link to it when appropriate as it relates to a topic or in our #real-world-aviation category.