New Bermuda airline

Has anyone seen the new Barmuda airline for the E175 do you think it would be added to Infinite Flight?

also as Butter said, you really should slow down the topics :p


This is your 7th topic created within a 24 hour period…


to expand on what butter said, questions like these are better for the discord

Or just a simple search

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7!? lawd have mercy.

Well, I Just really enjoy Infinite Flight I’m not saying all my pitches are good I’m just saying what could be more realistic.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but even still you don’t need to create 7 topics in less than 24 hours. That’s going a little overboard. You can create drafts here in the IFC so you don’t lose your work and can still space the topic posts out to be posted, one every 24 hours.

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Nothing wrong with that, but those types of questions are not necessary to make a topic on. These type of questions are better to ask in other topics, or in the Infinite flight discord server or other places.

Yes but some of these topics (like this one for example) can easily be answered by just searching it up. You will know if BermudAir is coming to the sim in the near future because Tyler probably would have closed the topic.