New Bendable, 'morphing' wing

New bendable, “morphing” wing.

An airplane with a morphing wing can change the geometric shape of its wing during flight and optimize its performance based on mission requirements.

This system was quite different than the separate, hinged flaps and ailerons that have performed those functions on most aircraft ever since. But now, thanks to some high-tech wizardry developed by engineers at MIT and NASA, some aircraft may be returning to their roots, with a new kind of bendable, “morphing” wing.

The “skin” of the wing also enhances the structure’s performance. It’s made from overlapping strips of flexible material, layered somewhat like feathers or fish scales, allowing for the pieces to move across each other as the wing flexes, while still providing a smooth outer surface.

One of this system’s big advantages, in principle, is that when it’s no longer needed, the whole structure can be taken apart into its component parts, which can then be reassembled into something completely different. Similarly, repairs could be made by simply replacing an area of damaged subunits.

“An inspection robot could just find where the broken part is and replace it, and keep the aircraft 100 percent healthy at all times,”

Source: Aerochapter; Facebook (The official article from aviationweek website needs email registration before viewing the article)


So, bendy ailerons?

This is pretty cool but also creepy.


I love it!

That’s just so cool man! Never seen anything like it.


Yea will c some major price cutoffs in maintaince

I have a random Air&Space Mag. issue from several year ago talking about this concept. Very neat.

I don’t think that airliners will have those wings as fast as GA aircrafts will, though.


Reduction in parts count, enhanced aerodynamics, lesser maintenance costs 😯


Yeah, think of all the new required certifications and rewriting of existing rules and stuff. Looks like it could take a while.

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Why does it resemble, I dont know, flaps?

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Yea just that its not so bulked up from ahead…

Just by seeing the shine and the movements gives Me goosebumps!

Wow. Incredible. Fantastic piece of engineering

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It’s kinda like the aircraft version of the BMW GINA light visionary model.

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It’s incredible I have heard of it already, they started Testing the Flex wing with a test “Future” Aircraft called the 797 Hoax, right now its only a drone.

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i agree to your thoughts

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@Partha_Gudi and possible cutoffs in jobs I imagine.

If it smells like costs reduction, airlines would do anything I’d imagine.

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I doubt airlines would just add these on to there current aircrafts.

I’m not sure if they can. This engineering looks like it’s a whole new type of wing which can only be incorporated in future aircraft provided they meet FAA certifications.

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Wow! Airflow should definitely get better with these! No gaps in the wings ;)

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