New Beach Air

Welcome I am the proud owner of New Beach Air we fly 737-700 -800 -900 777-300ER 787-9 -8 -10 747-8 and 400 A380 A340 A320 A321 A319 and Cessna Citation X
We fly to 16 destinations in 3 regions
San Jose
San Fransico
San Clamente
San Diago
Palm Springs
San Bernadino
Ontario Int’l
Bob Hope
Los Angelas

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Please use the correct spelling of the Airports.

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Which Aircraft go to Catalina?

New VA’s don’t get created in a day. Do you have a website, specific aircraft on certain routes, etc. Please read this. Thank you! :) I wouldn’t want to see another poorly thought out VA.


Do you have a website?

You do know that San Clemente is a military airport? Right? You need a main hub, And you need a website.


You don’t have a propor VA look at this

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You need to have a website and staff and ways to communicate with your pilots- like discord or slack.


737-700 A320 A319 and Cessna Citation X

Yes I know that and the main hub is San Fransisco Bob Hope and Rotterdam

Guys give him some slack

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I’m guessing auto correct did that because that’s how I spelt them

That’s why I’m saying give him some slack.

Pilots can contact me here on the forum and I still creating the routes and witch aircraft fly them now all the haters stop hating

LA to Catalina Citation X
SD to Catalina A319
Palm Springs to Bob Hope 737-700 and 737-900
Ontario to San Bernadino 737-900
SD to LA 787-8 -9 -10 747-400 -8 and A380
San Clamente to LA is a charter using the Citation X
For Southern California region

San Fransisco to San Jose 777-300ER A321 and A320
San Fransisco to Oakland 737-700 A320 and A319
For San Fransisco Region

Dussldorf to Amsterdam A340 and 777-300ER
Amsterdam to Rotterdam 737-700
Amsterdam to Brussels 737-800 -900
Rotterdam to Brussels 737-800
Rotterdam to Eindenhoven 737-900
Rotterdam to Dussldorf A340 and 747-400
For Amsterdam Region

Wow so basically you have almost every aircraft in the game