NEW B777-300ER Flight from Christchurch to Singapore!

Uploaded my first flight video from Christchurch to Singapore using the new B777-300ER from Beta 20.2! Tell me what you think about the video and how I could improve, or maybe leave some comments / like & subscribe! Your support is greatly appreciated :D

btw, how’s 20.2 beta for all of y’all? did anyone else manage to get it in time?


Route: Christchurch (CHC) to Singapore (SIN)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Livery: Air New Zealand
Server: Solo

Post Edit: had to fix the link of the video lol


Amazing video mate 😍😍. Really nice job.


Thank you!


Nicely done! I loved the music and especially the views. I regret sleeping through my entire flight from Singapore to Christchurch a while back.

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Thank you for the positivity! Yeah, the views are beautiful, especially when approaching into New Zealand!

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Great vid, they must be very religious in ChRiStChUrCh lol (dumb joke lost a few brain cells making it).

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