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Hey all,
As somebody of you will know I make a lot of websites myself and for other people. With all these links and files being made by the mods about different things on IF aircraft I was wondering if I should create a website specifically devoted to with speeds, flap, checklists, manuals and many other official documents on IF aircraft (as I have a lot myself). As this would take a long time to get the rest of the information (manuals are very rare) I want to know if people would use it. Please answer below. Also if you want me to include anything extra please comment below and I’ll see what I can do, thanks!

  • Yes, make the website
  • No, I’ll continue to search in multiple places for information

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Make it; it sure would be handy to have!


If you want to put the work into making one, do it. Make life easier for the people.


sounds like quite the nifty idea, but doesn’t IF Checklists already do most of this?

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@Alphadog4646 and @Vinne yeah I hear you i can be very annoying especially when u forget where something is that a mod created. That’s why I wanted to make the site. That way you’ll have all the checklists, manuals and other details for all aircraft on one site.

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Yes, but one it’s an a separate app which can cause problems especially crashing If on older devices. Also I’m planning on including a lot more than the checklist does including fuel stats.

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Well, it’s not like your website wouldn’t be separate either.

I haven’t got any reports of IF Checklists “causing problems especially crashing IF on older devices”. If you encounter this issue, please email me at and I’ll be happy to have a look at it.

Cool idea nonetheless! 🙂

No because it’s not an app, it’s on the computer meaning you wouldn’t have to leave IF to access it.

More than 50% of the time either the checklists crash or (more likely) IF crashes when accessing the checklists every time I try to use it (which is why I stopped using it). I use an iPhone 6 which means that anyone with an older phone will have the same issues.

Shall you code it with html, CSS and JavaScript etc?

I can those language including C#

a website like this already exists-

Do it. Make this website. This would be so helpful!!

Thank you!

No I use weebly, you can get so much more done in less time compared to coding. Please I use to do coding as a subject and I dislike it + can’t code.

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