[NEW] Avianca Virtual Group | One Year Since Founding

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Say hello to the brand-new Avianca Virtual Group!

Since our revamp beginning last December, we’ve introduced a whole ton of new features!

  • New Website and Integrated Crew Center

Our brand new website was built from scratch. After several trials and errors, we are proud to unveil a brand new website and crew center, featuring a pilot lounge with built in weather and flight planning tools!

  • Fully integrated subsidiaries and new routes database

With Avianca’s 8 new subsidiaries, we’re proud to announce that we’ve been able to massively expand our route network. We fly every single route in the Avianca route network, and there’s no shortage of flying here.

  • Statuses

We decided to create a status feature for our pilots. Accessible after the rank of Commander, you have three statuses to achieve:

Silver: Unlocked by flying at least one route from every mainline, subsidiary, and codeshare fleets.

Gold: Unlocked by flying every mainline destination, including programs.

Diamond: Unlocked by flying to all 94 countries in the AVVA route network.

  • Programs

We’ve introduced our two long-awaited (and asked about) programs.

A Pushback to the Past

This is our historical division. It’s all about flying to Avianca’s terminated destinations and flying two of our retro aircraft, the A318 and the 747-200.

Avianca Executive

With the TBM-930 and Citation X, you can fly to any airport on the planet with one stop.

Hi, y’all! I’m @Altaria55, the Founder and CEO of Avianca Virtual Group. It is my absolute honor to be running AVVA. Whether you’re brand new to an experienced veteran in the VA game, I’ll do nothing short of my best to make you feel right at home in AVVA.


AVVA CEO @Altaria55

AVVA was founded on March 5th, 2019 by the founder and current CEO, @Altaria55. It took many hard months of work, and through the ups and downs, we abided by one principle: perfection. If it isn’t perfect, it wasn’t good enough. On August 20th, 2019, we were IFVARB certified, and on September 3rd, 2019, we opened our doors for operation.

AVVA would like to give a huge thank you to @mwe2187 for his fantastic work and helping us through each step.

Click the drop downs to lean more about our staff members!

Altaria55 - CEO

Dallas, TX

Hi, guys! I’m Altaria55, the CEO of AVVA. I’m an avid flyer and have racked up over 1,000 hours on Infinite Flight. Outside of Infinite Flight, I love to sleep, eat, play video games, and I’m very into planespotting. My goal for the future is to become a pilot for either American or Delta.

Micah_Brazil - COO

Roseville, CA

Hi, I’m Micah, the COO. Formerly the Chief Pilot, I was promoted to COO after the departure of the former COO, Jake. I enjoy spending time at McClellan Airfield and I love to travel and have flown all over the US!

Zack - HR


Hey guys! My name is Zack and I am the Human Resources Manager for Avianca Virtual. I am thrilled to have this position and absolutely love flying with AVVA. My job is to run our Social Media Pages (IFC included), help anyone within the VA (or not), and validate our pilots flights. Currently, I live in NJ, about 30 minutes from Newark Airport. I am directly in the flight path for all arrivals onto runway 22L so I get to enjoy the views!

EdCruz - CP

San Salvador, SV
Hi guys, I’m Edgardo, the Chief Pilot!, I like to help people. I love aviation and I want to be a pilot. Currently, I’m living in Texas and I love to see airplanes passing in front of my home.

We’re currently looking for staff members to fill the following positions! Click the drop downs to view the requirements for each position.

Events Manager

The Events Manager is responsible for hosting and organizing AVVA events on the IFC.


  • 15+ years of age
  • TL2 on the IFC
  • In good standing with the IFC
  • Grade 3+
  • Must provide a screenshot of your Infinite Flight grade table
  • Must have access to Instagram
  • Must have access to Slack

Application Form

Our Airbus-dominated fleet is the heart and soul of our VA. Work your way up through the ranks from our regional Dash-8 all the way to our flagship 787!

Airbus A319, A320, A321, A333
Boeing B77F, B788
Bombardier DH8D

Dash 8-Q400







We’ll admit it - our route network isn’t as glorious compared to other VAs, like AAVA, SVA, BAVA, and AFKLM. To make up for it, our homeland of Colombia has some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll find.

Check out the route map below to see all of the Avianca Group’s destinations!

A total overview of the routes network of AVVA:

Routes 1047
Countries 94
Continents 6

Our ranks system is designed to replicate the real world operations of an airline: Everyone starts off small with the Dash-8 and they work their way through every aircraft until they reach our flagship, the 787. Here’s a little overview of the ranks system:

Trainee - 0 to 10 hours

Avianca Group C208, DH8D
Codeshares Aeroméxico Connect E190, ANA Wings DH8D, Copa Airlines E190, Air Nostrum CRJX, Lufthansa CityLine CRJ9, Lufthansa CityLine E190, Austrian E195, SAS CRJ9, SA Express CRJ2, SA Express CRJ7, Airlink E190, United Express E170, United Express CRJ7

Second Officer - 10 to 35 hours

Avianca Group A319
Codeshares Aeroméxico B737, Brussels Airlines A319, Eurowings A319, SAS A319, SAS B737, SilkAir A319, Tigerair A319, Bangkok Airways A319, United A319, United B737

First Officer - 35 to 70 hours

Avianca Group A320
Codeshares Brussels Airlines A320, Copa Airlines B738, EVA Air A321, GOL B738, Iberia Regional A321, Eurowings A320, Lufthansa A319, SAS A320, SAS B738, Mango B738, South African B738, TUI B738, Turkish Airlines B739, United A320, United B738, United B739

Junior Captain - 70 to 115 hours

Avianca Group A321
Codeshares Air India A321, ANA A321, Etihad A321, Iberia A321, Lufthansa A320, Lufthansa A321, Turkish Airlines A321, United B752

Senior Captain - 115 to 170 hours

Avianca Group A333, B77F
Codeshares Air India B788, Brussels Airlines A333, Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F, Lufthansa Cargo B77F, Austrian B772, Scoot B789, Singapore Airlines A333, South African A333, Thai A33, Thai B788, TUI B789, Turkish Airlines A333, United B763

Commander - 170+ hours

Avianca Group A318, B742, B788
Codeshares Air India B77L, Etihad B77W, Etihad B78X, Etihad A388, EVA Air B78X, Lufthansa A346, Lufthansa A359, Lufthansa B748, Lufthansa A388, Singapore Airlines A359, Singapore Airlines B77W, Singapore Airlines B78X, Singapore Airlines A388, South African A346, Thai A359, Thai B772, Thai B744, Thai A388, Thai B77W, Turkish Airlines B77W, United B772, United B78X, United B789, United A359

So, what are you waiting for? The world is at your fingertips. Come explore the globe with AVVA!

Requirements to apply:

  • Must speak good English
  • Grade 2+
  • Age 13+
  • Valid Infinite Flight subscription
  • Ability to file at least one flight every two weeks
  • Access to Slack
  • 16/20 on the entrance exam
  • Must provide a screenshot of your Infinite Flight grade table

You will be checked against the IFVARB Watchlist and Blacklist. If you are on either list, your application will be automatically rejected, no questions asked.

After you have completed the application form, we will get back to you within 96 hours. You will then be given the pilot entrance exam. In order to be accepted, you must score a minimum of 16/20 (or 80%) on the exam. If you do, congratulations - you’re now a member of AVVA!

Pilot Application Form


Please do not hesitate to ask! Feel free to send a DM to @Altaria55 or @Micah_Brazil.


Thread looks great! (totally not a bias statement) ; )


Congratulations on a well-designed thread! great work Avianca, keep soaring!


@Micah_Brazil Thanks lol

@mwe2187 Thank you!

Now this is what I call a neat and beautiful thread. Wishing this VA all the best. Kudos!


Thank you!

Congrats on 1 year since founding! 🥳 . Proud to be a fellow member airline with one of the best airlines in the Alliance!

-Chief Pilot at All Nippon Virtual Airways.


Thank you!


Hey, y’all!

I’d like to welcome our two new staff members, @EdCruz as Chief Pilot, and @Z-Tube as Media Manager!

We’re still looking for an Events Manager. Click the link below to submit your application!

Events Manager Application


Great World Avianca!, just to say, I’ve landed in real life Toncontin, so I’m very good at landing there, :)

Beautiful thread!

Celebrate with Avianca Virtual and Star Alliance! We’ll be at Avianca’s hub at SKRG for our SAV Series kick-off!

Thank you!


Great thread guys! I would join, but I’m already in 3 VA’s, and I don’t want to overwhelm myself. Great Jobs guys! Best of Luck!

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Thank you!

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So happy to be apart of the team!

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Awesome, we look forward to flying with you!

Applied a couple of days ago, can’t wait to be part of the team and fly in new regions!


We’re certainly glad to have you! I will go through applications soon as I have been busy with work recently.


I applied over a week ago , looks like a va with alot to offer

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