New Autopilot Buttons Location Problem

Due to the newest IF update, i’m the one that lucky enough to not experiencing the update crashes. But i’m totally dissapointed to the new autopilot buttons location update which are moved closely to the engine thrust throttle that is so uncomfortable and crazy. How come that idea came into the developers mind ?? Please return them to their usual place (On the right side of the screen). It’s better to work on making the cockpit buttons really functional (Like FSX) than moving the autopilot buttons closely to the engine throttle which makes the developers running out of new update ideas. Thank you for the DCs but no thank you for the new autopilot buttons. This is the most annoying IF update.

Do you have any screenshots?

I don’t think this belongs in support…

There is no way to change this back. Optimizing in the newest update moved these around.
Just do a few flights to get used to the new setup 🙂

You should’ve been able to see it now if you have updated your IF. I can’t send the screenshot for the next 14 hours as I just took off from London to Jakarta (Expert server, Indonesia 87). I’ll be sending the screenshot after the landing if still needed.

I have an iPad Air 2; I think the only ones with this optimization are the iPhone X users.

Unless I’m mistaken*, this is device-dependent, and not something that can be modified by FDS. The buttons are in different locations on the multiple devices I use. Some next to the throttle on my Android phone, but all on the right on my iPad.

*Edit: Apparently I am, but point remains the same. It isn’t a conspiracy. Just based on what works for each device with new circumstances. Some are all on right, some not.

it might be comfortable for bigger gadget like ipad but it wouldnt be comfortable for smaller gadget like iphone x and samsung S7 like mine. you must make a vote before moving these buttons.

It’s not configurable. It is simply screen size based.

then how about in the past ? we (Android users) got all the autopilot buttons on the right screen, then it must be very possible to return them to the right screen.

Samsung android users have female pilot sound (which is a problem as we dont have a chance to choose which gender of pilot we want to play with as im a male and iphone users got male pilot sound and now we got the autopilot buttons next to the engine throttle). IF seems kicking me as android users out of this game nowdays.

If its about screen size based, why were they on the right screen and i prefer them to stay that way ? its just about the size of alibi you make. Please return them to the right side of the screen like ipad users. And also please get rid of the weather problems, it still not fully working.

You’ll get used to it. It was about the physical vertical size of the devices.


Thats not how the game developers supposed to show their responsibility to service the customers. Good luck on the business

Dude, calm down - you’re freaking out about a couple of buttons that have been moved, there’s no need to be this irate. I understand were you’re coming from but honestly it’s not worth the aggro because in a couple of flights’ time you won’t even notice it.

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Referring to the original message where we’re called crazy, there’s always a reason behind some changes. Sometimes they look crazy from the outside, doesn’t mean there’s not a valid explanation.

If this is something that makes a lot of people unhappy, we’ll change it.


then let’s make a vote

Its kinda weird because I’m on a 6+, and these things have notoriously big screens. This phone could also handle A/P buttons on the right before the update.

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  • The shift in A/P buttons are good
  • The shift in A/P buttons are meh
  • The shift in A/P buttons needs to be killed with fire

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I couldn’t remember because it had been so long since I’d used my phone to fly, but yeah, you’re right about the past.

But with the new framework, some things had to be moved around, and it’s still device-dependent. I don’t like having the buttons on the left on my phone, but it’s pretty much bottom of the list of concerns. I don’t use the small screen much anyway.

Are you solving the problem or creating the problem?

If you’re looking for more people that are unhappy with the shift, here’s another ☝️

I do get used to these types of things, not really a big problem for me and I’m not gonna complain about this. But considering that my Xperia Z5P had those buttons on the right side before the update, I prefer them stay on the right to the left. I believe this change is to be in relation with the iPhone X screen issues.

So, you made this change because many iPhone X users were unhappy? I also believe this community has more number of Android users than iPhone X users which makes me question why the developers had made the decision based on iPhone X only.

Hello @sniperguy135, make your vote clearer. I don’t understand what you mean is the shift to right or left.

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