New auto pilot behaviors

Have ever thought that the IF auto pilot in game acts too dramatic on most to all airplanes?
Thats why im here to suggest that infinite flight needs to update their auto pilot to act more realistic.

List of things wrong that NEED to be fixed!

.No more auto pilot flight plan leg overshooting while in turns/ AP needs to make a smooth early turn so it doesnt overshoot the turn

.Smoother and not as dramatic turns in general

I know theres more that needs to be fixed but i want to keep it short and simple. Please feel free to suggest more or tell me things you think are wrong with the auto pilot

About overshooting…until thats fixed u can simply activate the next leg a bit earlier by yourself. And about the smooth turning…there is already a feature request for this u can go vote for it and u said theres more to be fixed…well then u can make a feature request about it


About the hard turns, Laura and other devs already said they were working on it to make more smooth, I’m pretty sure all the points you came up with here are already in development, we just have to wait for the fix update, coming in the future, I know it can be really annoying sometimes. These issues will be fixed when devs have time for work hard on them, hope this makes you feel better :D

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I quite like the practice of manually intercepting LNAV turns to make them smoother, but I agree, the wild rolls sometimes get disconcerting!

My main AF request would be for the SPD control to smoothly adjust the throttle rather than jumping up to 100% and quickly down again.

Of course, if you can concentrate on it, manually adjusting speeds smoothly is good practice too…


It is not a #support ?

Simple answer is no haha

no since the user is not having any issues with his simulation.

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yeah thats exactly what i do lol

Nice to hear, there are a few more specific things i could think of tho

Yeah i was thinking that about unrealistic Lnav and APPR interceptions

Feel free to vote for smoother autopilot transitions here:


I agree, IF needs speed mode instead of an autothrottle on aircraft that do not have one (CRJ for example), adjusts VS to hold a selected speed instead of adjusting thrust

A half rate turn button

The ability to truly fly direct to. (Currently when you go direct, it just flies you onto the fpl leg, which can often be longer than staying on the original flightplan)

And a proper autothrust system with the ability to set thrust limits
(Both Boeing and Airbus styles)

See highlighted post :)