new auto land feature


Start watching at 9:30 for the landing and roll out.


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With the exception of strong crosswind landings, I always use flaps 30. For the 700 I typically use an approach speed of 138kts and 150kts for the - 900.

Regardless, in this video I used an approach speed of 150kts. I had to increase my weight to 44% in order to maintain the correct approach attitude.

I managed a very respectable 1.1 G-Force landing, the auto brakes self activated and I was able to slow well before my first exit using only 50% reverse thrust. I disengaged the auto brakes at 70kts and used manual braking to bring it down to 35kts at the exit ramp.


it didnt keep mine in the center line. i was going like 150 with flaps. went to the edge, got a violation for speed cuz it went into the taxiway


Try turning off your auto-coordination in your settings, if they’re not already off.

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I did it at 155kts and an 18 knot crosswind, she’ll stop without reverse and autobrakes using your conditions.😊

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Once the plane touches the ground it’s up to you to keep it ligned up using the rudder.


I don’t use autoland because I like to ‘fly’ the aircraft myself, and I could be wrong as you haven’t attached screenshots etc, but it sounds like you expected the aircraft to automatically apply the brakes, without you actually having selected the ‘brake’ on the autopilot screen?

The ‘brake’ button on IF can be considered the same as the autobrake in a commercial aircraft. In real life, the pilot will select the autobrake setting, usually 1, 2 or max. In IF we just have the one setting. You need to have that selected for the autobrake to work. The autoland just keeps you centred and on the glideslope, it doesn’t know how hard you want the brakes to be applied on touchdown without the autobrake being selected?

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It isn’t such a difficult problem to solve.

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Just reviewed the Link JOE… It does not establish a required throttle/Flap setting. It give a “Tip” for Throttle/Flap settings. You have a habit of pontificating Joe without a solid foundation. Bad JuJu. Max Senfs


“Auto Brake” emulation. You hit it out of the park with that one! Max Sennds

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