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I will consider this a bug…because of what transpired…l tried out the auto land capability on the 737 BBJ early this morning at KEDW …and allowed it take complete control…the result was less than satisfactory…it landed the jet properly though it appeared to land at 200 knots…that was the last speed l had set on the auto throttle…so l don’t know if that was the actual landing speed or not because l was watching the altitude indicator dropping…but the main thing It did incorrectly was run the jet all the way to the end of a 15000 ft rwy and then a few feet off before it stopped…so as a result of no intervention…l received a runway blocking violation…and a corresponding 5% drop in standing…so l would like to know if that has happened to any other pilot or in the test phases…if the auto land can not determine to stop the plane on almost any length rwy at KEDW…then you can expect this to happen on 5 to 9000 ft runway much easier…so hopefully there will be some kind of a sensor that will stop the jet before it rolls off the edge again…and incurs another RBV for some other pilot…Until then, l will intervene to brake the jet shortly after gear down…any response or tips from the devs would also be appreciated

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You were going to fast. You’re supposed to set the speed to 130kts. It could also be an issue with the limitations. Read more here: Autoland / Approach Mode Documentation

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Firstly, when the auto land took over it locked me out of the auto throttle… so l could not change the speed…and secondly even it had landed at 130 kts…it should have braked well before the end of the runway…at least a third of the length of a 15000 ft one…but l thank you for your response…and l will follow your link

Did you set flaps to full 40°

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Autoland will keep the aircraft on descend path and guide the aircraft to runway. Everything else you have to control, Speed, Flaps, Reverse thrust, Speed brakes. So only thing aircraft will do for you is keep the aircraft centreline and descend rate. I strongly recommend read some tutorials about Autoland.

I usually land every 737 jet at 30 deg flaps and 150 knts…unless there is a wind issue and it works out fine…l only go to full flaps for the big airliners… but Skyy Miles …a real airbus pilot …told me he rarely uses full flaps to land any jet…and adjusts the angle of attack and the throttle speed instead…so l have been following his advice up to now…l figure he knows how to do it the right way…though…he said he greatly prefers faster landings anyway…

For autoland to work properly, you must land at 130kts and 40° flaps.

Please don’t give wrong information, if you are not sure. It’s same as any other landing according to aircraft and weights, and adjust speed to right glide nose angle.

He most likely has his weight set as default, so I’m just going off what this says Longest Runway in IF

OK…but the jet still should not run off the runway…so then pilot intervention is always necessary…and it is not a true auto land …to the extent that some real jets and the space shuttle had…if the GPS coordinates of the runway can be determined…then why can not the ICAO key of the rwy be cross referenced by the landing system…and thus the length of the rwy be sensed by the system so the auto land can stop the jet at least halfway down it…

Autoland does not control the braking system.
Once you touch the ground the Autoland is disengaged.


It does. Autoland automatically turns on the breaks.

In Infinite Flight?

Yes, in IF.

Did I say Something about research😉, there are couple of versions of Autoland, I really don’t want go into details and confuse you or get confused by everyone. There are some experts here will help you out.

Fine…but if l have to intervene to keep it rolling of a 15000 ft runway…then do not call it auto land…since I can land a BBJ on a less than 2500 ft rwy …with little problem…but send me some more helpful links …if you know them…

How about we read how to use autoland before making a bug topic

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I doubt this was a bug, you were coming in too fast… moved to general


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With the correct weight, ILS/LOC interception, speed, flaps, and spoilers; you shouldn’t have a problem with Autoland. Weight should be set at normal. Once APPR is activated, you still should have full control of the speed, flaps, spoilers, and brakes. Even reverse thrust!