New ATC voice

Since the iOS 9 update on my iPad, I hear a new ATC voice in IF live.

Whats different?

If you are playing Infinite Flight live, you hear a voice if you use ATC. Since I updated my iPad to iOS 9, I hear a different voice

It because Siri provides voice for infinite flight and… As apple changed Siri completely A different voice is heard during ATC

But it pronounces pushback wrong and that really annoys me

I had the problem of “pushback” pronunciation on iOS 8.4.1, but now, it’s okay for me on iOS 9!

What device, I am iPad 4

iPad Mini 2 for me.

I’m using iPad 3

Haven’t noticed any difference tbh.

Neither 😂😂

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I wanna have the voice back before I update my iPad. Because it a beter voice😃

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