New ATC Tower command suggestion - please taxi to other end of runway

This is a problem that I encounter a lot. Whilst controlling on TS1 on tower. I often have an aircraft taxi to the end of the runway that is not being used. For example, yesterday whilst controlling at KSAN I was using runway 09. But this one aircraft had taxied to runway 27 and was requesting take off. I wanted him to taxi to the other end of the runway, but couldn’t, so I had to squeeze him in for take off at a time when no one was landing or taking off. This actually caused quite a delay as I had to stop everyone else from doing anything on the runway. So I think we need a “Please taxi to other end of runway” command to stop this from happening. I know this might not have been the pilot’s fault, but the ground controller’s, but it should not happen and there should be a way to correct it - I think with this command.

Do you think this is necessary?


in this case you would say “back taxi to runway 09, exit runway and contact tower” if I am correct. Not sure really.


Cause we already tell them to taxi to a certain runway, so in your case just tell them to taxi to 09, it has the same effect.


This is also training server nothing can be done .

I thought that - but I believe back taxi means stay on the side of the runway you are on and taxi towards the end of the runway before turning round and taking off for example at EGLC this happens a lot.

I can’t tell them to taxi if i control on tower.

Then the option above is what you need to do, back taxi 09.

But your on TS people probably won’t even know what back taxi means and will just take off anyways.

Think about joining IFATC if your serious about controlling.

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@stevenwalker109 Man all your doing is trash talking training server.

Because it’s true 😂, especially in SoCal anyone serious about flying will agree with me!

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@stevenwalker109 Unfortunately it is… Its a nightmare trying to ATC training where transitions are requested at 12,000 ft and takeoffs from taxi ways…

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Best thing to do is to go to one of the paid regions to practice, also make a post on the community asking people to fly, you get quite a positive response of decent pilots!

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And he should! The training server is so irritating to pilots that actually want to play and learn, I can’t stand flying there!

You cant allow a pilot who is unaware or purposely wanting to troll to back taxi when you have a neat line-up of incoming aircraft to land. They can’t even manage a ‘cleared for immediate takeoff’ expeditiously.

I think a better command would be to add ‘You are holding short of the wrong runway, taxi to runway XX’, or, if you have a taxi way on the opposite side of the runway where the aircraft is holding short, you can ask them to cross runway XX and then when they enter the other taxiway ask them to taxi and hold short of the original runway.

Just taxi/back taxi them.