New atc system

I Think that there should be a custom message system in IF. because sometimes you might get long vectors but your nearly outta fuel or you or overweight or things like that. i know that people might say inappropriate things but you can have extremly strict ghosts like if you do it once is instant ban for 1 month and 2nd time could be whole year and last time could be infinite

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That’s exactly why this won’t happen, sorry.


Also, with custom messages there are pilots from around the globe. Not everyone speaks the same language fluently. There would be language barrier as well. There are also people from all different ages within Infinite Flight some very young.

Also, really, tgis should be in #features. But, to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t create one. I think all the others got closed.

And also, you’re landing, ATC clears you to land. Now you need to type out the readback of your landing clearance while flying.

There’s no need for that. It’ll cause a big mess in-flight logs due to ignorance of the determined communication rules by the majority even ES pilots. Also, at the moment we’ve necessary commands for ‘things like that’ (i.e. when you’re out of fuel you can report it but if you’ve overweight just dump this out of ATC area before contact a controller). Current system has been tested by time and has shown its effectiveness that’s why I think it means that developers can work on a more desirable stuff.