New ATC Status Forum Tags


New tags have arrived on the forum to indicate the status of ATC for published #live:events and #live:groupflights on the Expert or Training server. Tags are a great way to navigate and sort posts to find what you’re looking for without a specific search. In addition to event tags which identify the server and region, you can now indicate whether ATC is needed for your event or if a commitment to staff it has already been made! These tags also ensure that key details can be seen at a glance without the need for a lengthy title.

ATC Status Tags:

#atc-needed - ATC has not yet committed to this event and services are requested
#atc-staffed - ATC has committed to staff this event

Example Tags

Note: Please ensure you no longer include “with ATC” or other verbiage in event titles which can be satisfied by the use of a tag

These tags can be used by any user in the #live:events and #live:groupflights categories. Only one tag from this group may be used for any given topic to indicate ATC’s status.

You can find all public tags by selecting the menu in the top right-hand corner and selecting tags. Events can be filtered by tag by selecting the all tags tab to the right of the category name.




Wow great!

Nice Topic Boss !

Wow, that’s really interesting tags, great work and thanks Tyler!

Added the tags to the events. Awesome addition to the forum Tyler!


Amazing idea,

Amazing news! Thanks for the hard wor you put ti there :=)

Great job👍

Amazing. I like it. 👍👍

Very nice! Hopefully will make it less complicated for IFATC to find non-ATC events to staff.

Do events have to have either of these tags?

I believe so yes.

Amazing! Great job, thanks Tyler

If it’s not applicable or you do not need/want ATC at your event, no.


Hoping to see more active airports!