new atc reporting process?

any other users feel there needs to be a more robust and reliable way of reporting an atc - whether its an error they’ve made or any other type of issue

the current way seems to be to message the user? whats this actually meant to achieve? what are moderators actually doing to resolve issues? whats the process behind it all?


(I’m going to assume you’re talking about Expert Server and IFATC…)
IFATC is very-well trained, so they generally won’t make any errors.
But in the rare cases that they do, PMing them is the best option (like you said).
This doesn’t seem to have any problems; I’ve never seen an IFATC controller do anything wrong before, so I don’t think a specific Expert Server ATC reporting feature is necessary. I’ve contacted IFATC officers in the past, and they’ve always responded to my questions/comments within the hour.

But if you’re talking about Training Server, that’s just how things are. TS will probably always be a mess; it’s where people are supposed to learn what not to do before they get to IFATC’s level. In other words, reporting ATC in Training Server isn’t necessary because there isn’t anything required of ATC in TS.

Interesting topic. I was reported by an ATC a few months ago (for reasons I am unsure…my first and only report) and followed the guidelines of messaging them. Heard no response, messaged again and no response

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If you have any concerns about anything that has happened while using ATC on expert, just pop a message to a supervisor/your controller :)

I’ve always found contacting ATC directly works. If they’ve made a mistake (which occasionally happens) they’ll admit it. Helpful to take screenshots though

Im actually happy you’ve never had any issues with IFATC! i and im sure many other users wish they could say the same

From my experiences, messaging the ATC directly seems to do little in resolving the issue. There seems to be a reluctancy in admitting to making a mistake

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but is this method actually working? thats the main question here

As an IFATC controller myself, your issue has to be a very isolated one. Everyone I know in IFATC is ready and willing to help. If you do not know who your controller was, or they do not reply, just pop a supervisor a message, they will always be happy to help.


@Jay_Roman in terms of taking screenshots i completely agree they CAN be very useful. But, on the other hand, in one conversation with one moderator specifically, i was almost ‘mocked’ for ‘being too busy taking screenshots’ - then asked if i had any of my ATC dialog - the irony.

@2003iggy personally i don’t feel the current ‘process’, if we can even call it that works. the way an atc can report a user is a bit bias, unfair, and is clearly leading to lot of egoism and dominance when it comes to reporting concerns

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If the issue is still un resolved or you don’t accept the explanation invite a moderator to the conversation. Making sure complaints are taken care of is one of our top priorities.


Sometimes people will message us, saying they did nothing wrong. We will proceed to point out exactly what was done in correctly and tell them that is why they got ghosted. For the majority people, messaging IFATC has worked. If it is a ghosting complaint or a mistake, we will try to sort it out. If a person is being agressive we will often add a mod to the PM. I can assure you IFATC is tested to the highest standards. From ground control, to traffic separation. Most new members of IFATC will make mistakes at the beggining of their career, but they will use those lessons to refine their controling method. If it is really a major issue, PM one of the moderators directly. Some IFATC also do not go on the forum often, as they also have lives outside of IFATC, so they might miss your message. Hope this clears some things up.


Did this occur on Expert Server or Training Server?
Training Server user reporting has been gone for a while now, but I’m not sure exactly when it was removed.
And if it was Expert Server, who was the person you contacted?

I can assure you, no IFATC will be biased. It is our duty to serve you guys all equally.

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I think this seems to be a key issue. Reluctancy to admit to an error. Some sort of recording feature alongside a standardised reporting method would be good, but i wouldn’t want any of that to compromise on graphics!


This topic covers quite well;

Some minor things are different now, but the basics are still valid.

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thats a good post ive visited a few times

my main point and purpose of this point is whether or not users think there should be a more standardised and ‘official’ way of filing a complaint or report an issue with an ATC - and if so how would this work?

sometimes theres contrasting opinions for example, in such situations how is a moderator meant to go about their job? if evidence provided doesn’t paint a clear picture, i guess they can’t do much, but from experience and in general id guess they’d side with the ATC - is this fair? is that leading to a bit of dominance on the ATC front?

If your complaint is regarding a ghost, we already have a policy for that which is above. We do reverse reports if there is evidence to do so.

If your complaint is regarding a controller in general, simply notify a moderator and we will look into it. We ask that these be legitimate complaints and not “I waited on the ground for 10 minutes during a FNF”. Often times there are reasons why a pattern is shaped the way they are or why you had to go around. We will help to answer questions.

We do hold our controllers to standards and if there is a history of issues they may be demoted, counseled, and in extreme abuse cases removed from IFATC.


He’s complaining about my response. I’ve invited Staff to assist.

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This response partly supports my point, why the Us Vs Them attitude between ‘staff’ and users?

Im sure any user would find it a bit bemusing that their demeanour is questioned yet have to accept another user being called ‘dumb’?

Furthermore, if i wanted to highlight your specific response and that incident then i probably would have tagged you into the post. This was a general question posted to users regarding the process so please remain composed :)

I invited staff. Have a blessed day and Happy Flying.