New ATC Region Assignments

Frankly, I am hating the new assignment system for Expert ATCs.
In the past, ATCs are assigned to a particular region/country for 24h which means anyone who wants to use live frequencies will spawn at active airspace.

Nowadays, there is almost no guarantee on when and how long the service will last. Sometimes a short flight between KLAX and KSFO has no centre, departure and even an approach controller.

Sure, you can manually navigate the entire flight via flight plan and arrival procedures, but it is extremely unauthentic.


I’m sorry that the new region changes aren’t to your liking at the moment. With change, there will always be a time period in which everyone needs to adapt.

One of the issues with the schedule is that traffic would only go to about one of two of the airports on the list. This would make controllers feel that they would need to wait for the previous controller to finish and rush to claim the airport in order to get any traffic. While this may have been fine with less members, IFATC is constantly growing.

With the new changes, controllers have more of an opportunity to staff an airport that will receive a decent amount of traffic.

As for the pilot end, there will also need to be a period of adaptation. For the time being, airports that tend to have a high amount of inbounds will usually have the highest likelihood of being staffed by ATC.

I strongly encourage pilots to participate in the events because that is another way to increase the likelihood of ATC coverage.

By the way, this new change is only the original part of it. There will be improvements so that both pilots and controllers can have a wonderful time in the expert server.

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