New ATC Region Assignments

I am excited for this new feature! Can’t wait to control in my home area more!


A huge step forward for IFATC and our global experience! Amazing job Tyler!


What I hope this doesn’t mean is that everyone just goes to EGLL or KLAX 24/7 and completely ignores the other HUB airports. Is there going to be a way to manage this?


I believe that this will bring the much needed attention to airports in different regions giving pilots the choice, that is what people have been wanting for years now. Choice, to be able to see almost every country staffed and for them to say hey I want to fly from Esparagos to Athens and have it be staffed at the 2 airports. Like I said this is a momentous milestone only for the better. 2021 is going to be one Infinite Flights biggest years!


Also what this also means is that more IFATC controllers can be active at the same time…and hopefully this inspires more people to sign up.

Given I have a year out of education coming up - I’m seriously considering applying for IFATC.


Love the initiative. I can’t wait to select my region. As Tyler already knows I really love this idea!!

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Yessir! So excited for this, cannot wait to explore small airports and provide constant service to the hubs!


This will probably be a game changer. I can’t wait to start this new system. Thank you so much Tyler and team for your great work ! ❤️


Can’t wait for this change to happen!!! 😁😀

I love this idea! This will be so good that not just 1 region will be controlled per day, but every single one is controlled every day 24/7! Time for the underrated airports to open up! Thanks so much, Tyler. Infinite Flight will become one of the biggest flight simulators on the board in just a couple of years with buildings, clouds, and IFATC improvements. Cheers!


I don’t get it. Is the ATC Schedule going away?


It certainly wasn’t ideal but it allowed us to focus our efforts to provide a really strong ATC presence in one area vs limited services all over the world. Our team continues to grow which opened the door for new opportunities!

Region assignments will allow members to stay where they are permanently or move around. Either way the extended periods in one general area begins to build a level of familiarity that can only result in a more realistic service. We also anticipate being able to staff all community events moving forward while also working with our VA community, many of which are in IFATC, to fully support their route networks! Great things lie ahead.


Yes, and controllers will now have free range in their assigned regions.

I can’t wait for this!

Yes, the ATC schedule is going away and you will no longer see one published each week beginning May 1st.

Instead you can find where ATC is active right from the home screen of the Infinite Flight app on the airspace activity table. You’ll also see many of our regional teams launch tracking threads and confirm their support of various events in the #live:events category.


Tyler, can I ask what is to stop everyone going to EGLL/KLAX or any of the large hub airports…


This is very exciting for events. Before opening, it would be great to find an event to staff.

Wow!! Amazing👍

This will happen, but this also lines up with community requests for those airports.

So will there still be ATC schedules?