New ATC Region Assignments

Yes the daily HUB airport will go as well as the weekly schedule however:

Every Tuesday controllers will have free reign to control anywhere in the world.
The FNF’s every Friday will still happen.
The GA Days on the first Monday of each month will still happen.

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Have a read:

Each Oceanic frequency is still based off of an airport…so when they’re selecting that frequency they’re not scrolling out to the middle of the ocean. In this case they just choose the oceanic frequency that stems from an airport within their region (Gander, ZNY, Shanwick, etc) and work that out to the frequency boundary.


Ah ok. Makes sense - thanks for clarifying.


Not sure where your getting this from. Sure there are the controllers who like to control the big hubs but there are plenty of people that will begin to open their home airports and now that they can go anywhere, I assume most will explore new places to control. I think this is a great change.

Well i’ll be at MKJS so small airports will! :)
I actually don’t think those airports you mentioned will get that much attention. Maybe at first but certainly not for long.


That’s the beauty of the new system coming in May, as now we have flexibility to not only create traffic when we open as before, but also the other way around - we can open if whenever we see the opportunity to catch flights! Certainly @azeeuwnl has mentioned a great point above that we can jump on board with. Certainly if I were to open in my spare time after May 1st without any pre-existing events organised, I would searching if any flights in NZ were close to arriving to try to catch them! I’m not sure if how the new layout will be in IFC, but I’m sure a thread will be well received by our team and would further encourage us to coordinate ATC where applicable. I’m sure we’ll get more information on this in due course.

Is fantastic to hear how much you enjoy flying in NZ and don’t worry, I have been thinking of some exciting ideas for our region that we can implement once we transition to the new system. I know that I, along with hopefully many others in our region, will be encouraging proper operating procedures. Many will be living in the region and be aware of these procedures already, or those that join us will hopefully be more curious as to how we operate, rather just opening for the sake of it! I think the quality of controlling will improve dramatically with this.

Queenstown is a favourite of mine to open (surprise surprise), as I was lucky enough to grow up an hour’s drive away in Wanaka, so it will certainly be getting it’s due course of attention!


This is going to be very beneficial, especially for VA’s!

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Y’all think the United States Region will get more popular again?

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As if it wasn’t popular enough right now…I’d assume yes.

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Keep in mind the first couple weeks will probably see the popular regions like the US and Western Europe get the most traffic by a decent amount. After that’s out of everyone’s system, hopefully traffic will spread out more evenly around the world.


Maybe since this will get in effect in may, maybe that’s the month when 21.1 comes out with the buildings.


This is great to hear! I can finally have atc more often in Australia (probably one of the most dead places in game).

Thank you Tyler, we all congratulate you for this! 👏🏽


I personally can’t wait to control in the Oceania region especially Australia and NZ.


Also you should consider joining IFATC if you meet the requirements and help become part of the staffing for the Oceania region!


So excited for this

So am I, and I’m sure a lot of us are! I really can’t wait! May can’t get here quick enough.

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Really like this idea, it will hopefully make sure we see airports staffed more consistently instead of how it is currently. Only have a few suggestions, I think the Caribbean and Central America should be one region and Africa should be split up between Sahara and Sub-Saharan.

Thanks for the suggestion. Africa will stay as-is, though I can offer reasoning for the Caribbean’s assignment. I paired the Caribbean with US East because it’s a strong route pairing. A great majority of arrivals into the Caribbean generate from the east coast of the United States, whether on JetBlue or American, out of places like New York and Miami.


Two questions:

  1. Will there be any way of some level of planning? It’s not gonna be fun to plan to land a flight 30 minutes before dinner only to get ATC at destination and be delayed.
  2. Will there be region based training to avoid certain realism issues?
    As an example, KEWR and KJFK are really busy airports. Usually ATC will use “use of STAR/SID required” in heavy traffic, but this is not appropriate at these two airports because flights from the Carribeans to these airport don’t follow a STAR as there are none. Also this goes into the planning problem, because sometimes joining a STAR requires a detour much earlier in the flight.

Thanks, for the response. Caribbean being paired with North East America makes sense with that reasoning.


For your first question I can tell you that this transition will definitely decrease congestion at airports. We’re not going to see 100+ inbounds to an airport every day. So, even if ATC becomes active during your flight, there’s less likely going to be a need for you to be vectored off your flight plan into a long line. Obviously this isn’t going to be the case for FNFs, however.

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