New ATC Region Assignments

To join IFATC you need to go through a rigorous testing process…it isn’t a thing you just sign up for like a website…

You also need to meet all the criteria to even apply.


Well said Sir



Ok @BennyBoy_Alpha I got it

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Thats totally my concern as well and that will surely happen at the start but i believe people might get bored of flying in the same region and may start exploring new places, but still IMO ATC schedule was much much better than this new region assignment thing as remote exciting places will hardly get traffic unless there are some VA events once in a while.


Can anyone join this discord chat or only qualified ATC people?

In order to be invited to the IFATC Server, you have to go through the approval process which includes:

  • Written Test (Must get an 80% or higher to move on)
  • Practical Test

See here for more info


Thank you for the information

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You in fact are Trust Level 1

Roger that thanks for the response

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SOOOOO happy to see this! I’m gonna reapply for IFATC this instant. Cheers Tyler, this is a HUGE upgrade and will improve controller quality at the airports. So excited for this. Mind having a recruiter reach out so I can rejoin? (If you’ll have me)


If you wish to rejoin IFATC you will need to go through the recruitment process again.
Check out post below with test on how to apply:

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Only ATC people

Thanks man <3 Application submitted

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Really excited from r this because honestly it gets very longsome just parked at the gate not listening to traffic chatter around me. It’s the interaction with other planes for me Definitely!


This may not be a good thing though since you can no longer predict which airport will be active which completely hinders the Opportunities of heading to a active airport while doing a long haul flight…


Well this is why ATC will be encouraged to open up where pilots are heading to rather than the other way round as it’s like right now.

And given we will have ATC in every one of the 10 regions, you may find you have ATC a lot more often than you expect.

Of course theres always the FNF if you are desperate for ATC.


Doesn’t that narrow it down to KLAX, KJFK, EDDF, EGGL, and OMDB since those airports always have a large amount of flights?


Initially yes but as said here by Tyler:

ATC will try and open up unique places. Also pilots who always fly to the big hubs will eventually get bored of those places and fly elsewhere.


Ok @BennyBoy_Alpha I know you replyed to @Skonert , but you had a good point

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Regarding this


  • Less congestion at hub airports. While 200+ arrivals was bothersome for many at some airports e.g Heathrow, this enables the traffic to be evenly spread out across the world

  • Pilots/ATC get to explore new routes and regions. This will encourage pilots to explore new routes while bold IFATC personnel would choose to ‘detoxify’ from megahubs and control smaller surrounding airports at all hubs. We could finally see airports like Canberra(YSCB), Birmingham(EGBB) come back to life.

  • Unused airports, big or small, will get their fair share of use. Similar to the above point, hubs abandoned due to the rigidity of the ATC schedule would get their fair share of love.

  • General aviation and military traffic would get attention. As much as I’m not a big fan of military aviation, I’m sure that many here in the IFC have relatives or close people serving in the military while others serve in the military themselves. Again, with the schedules being done away with, military traffic and GA traffic would be guaranteed their fair share of attention as such airfields may be open more frequently by IFATC as well as patronisation by pilots.

  • Specialization. IFATC personnel would become well accustomed with their region as well as SOPs of the airfields in their respective jurisdictions. This will enable more efficient and safer AT.MC controlling especially since features such as terrain radar ante yet to be included. Pilots who choose to follow the ATC zones model would also become easily familiar with the airfields they operate at.


  • GA and military ops would be neglected. This is in no way to disrespect Tyler of the IFATC. The issue with this is that hub airports would get more precedence over GA/military fields when controlling as well as flying.

  • Neglected regions. Regions such as Africa and Eastern Europe would easily become no-man’s land as most IFATCs and pilots would choose other popular zones. How would equitable distribution of traffic be guaranteed for Infinite Flight to be truly global?

Note// I have no way of solving these issues hence why I mean no rudeness in bringing some of these cons out.

Anyway, the pros exceed the cons, so why not. This is still a good plan and hopefully some teething issues could be solved as we go along especially seeing some feedback from IFATC officials above. Cheers.