New ATC Region Assignments

IFATC has discord?

Yes, we communicate on Discord

Will there be a regional airport list be made so it’s easier to pick a region (especially for IFATC apprentices)?

Hmm I join the community 3 weeks ago and for some reason I want to join the discord, also I had discord just don’t text me at the moring becuase I’ll be busy reading messages in the community.

Just hope I can join the discord

IFATC Apprentices and Specialists in the check ride phase are free to control wherever they like.


Joining IFATC gives you access to the IFATC Discord. To join IFATC, more information is linked below.


Thank you Sir

Thanks @Thunderbolt I’ll join later, I’ll first read some messages in the community

I would love too it’s just I don’t have the “Trust Level” on the community website (this one) but meet every other requirement. I’m currently training in preparation for a ATC paper on the professional network I play on my PC. It is called VATSIM!

To join IFATC you need to go through a rigorous testing process…it isn’t a thing you just sign up for like a website…

You also need to meet all the criteria to even apply.


Well said Sir



Ok @BennyBoy_Alpha I got it

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Thats totally my concern as well and that will surely happen at the start but i believe people might get bored of flying in the same region and may start exploring new places, but still IMO ATC schedule was much much better than this new region assignment thing as remote exciting places will hardly get traffic unless there are some VA events once in a while.


Can anyone join this discord chat or only qualified ATC people?

In order to be invited to the IFATC Server, you have to go through the approval process which includes:

  • Written Test (Must get an 80% or higher to move on)
  • Practical Test

See here for more info


Thank you for the information

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You in fact are Trust Level 1

Roger that thanks for the response

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SOOOOO happy to see this! I’m gonna reapply for IFATC this instant. Cheers Tyler, this is a HUGE upgrade and will improve controller quality at the airports. So excited for this. Mind having a recruiter reach out so I can rejoin? (If you’ll have me)


If you wish to rejoin IFATC you will need to go through the recruitment process again.
Check out post below with test on how to apply:

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