New ATC Radar

There have been many times when ATC has vectored me right into a mountain (Mostly on Training Server). It would be helpful to ATC and pilots if there could be some type of elevation meter or something that shows how high mountains or hill are and how close the planes are to them.
Here’s an example:

Maybe add some color to it so you can see how tall it is like a elevation map.
Edit: Maybe something like this on the map:

I just thought that this would be a good idea to help ATC out. Sorry if this is a duplicate topic but I didn’t see anything like this. Thanks.

This type of map used to exist, but when global was introduced, the map would’ve taken up too much memory, so it was removed. During the most recent developer stream, Val or Philippe (forgot which one) said that a new map is coming with a lot more possibilities, and when I asked about terrain maps, they said they will look into what the new map can integrate which wasn’t there before (before as in the map now). Just to put that out there


Hey there mate, such a good request:

But there is also a similar one to this:

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I created something similar as well and it looks like some of it has been confirmed

The terrain map, both large and small, was removed for performance reasons with the global release. The developers understand the need and desire for it and the terrain is on the development radar. (Pun intended)