New ATC Q&A/ Help Category

As a Official IF ATC myself, I feel it’s hard to reach people when they ask questions. All these Facebook groups and pages are opening, along with a bunch of posts on pre-developed groups. It’s chaos helping all these people. We need a category in the forum for people to post their requests. There can also be a small sub-category box for the user to select their purpose of adding a new topic. An example would be “Practical Test” in which specific people would be automatically tagged. These specific people will all be people who will be able to correctly help this person. It would probably be Advanced Controllers 1 and up. The people who are tagged to help can also change their notifications to be notified or not. This would be really helpful to those pilots and future IF ATC who need specific help. (Please let me know if anybody, including @matt or @philippe, thing something does not belong. I might be able to come up with something to replace it or how to change it)


There also may be a topic pinned to the top of this category telling the present day’s selected region, and a possible forecast for the rest of the week’s regions

@Tyler_Shelton Please check this out if you can. I think it’s a great idea and so do some other ATC. thanks😊