New ATC Messages

I have been hearing new ATC messages such as “Emergency fuel, 2minutes remaining” and a few others I forgot but I said to myself where is that in the atc messages. I don’t have any new messages on iPad or iPhone X. Are these new features for only certain people or for certain devices and haven’t been added to the devices I use. Please let me know thanks

You have to meet certain criteria for the option to appear as a pilot. This is done to prevent abuse of the command.


So what do I have to do to gets these messages (a little confused)

do you have to be a real life pilot?

It’s flight-related, based on time spent flying, fuel remaining, etc.

It’s meant explicitly to prevent trying for an emergency situation.

oh so if I’ve been flying for 2 hours and didnt bring enough fuel it will pop up as an option to send low fuel message, correct?

I’ll be honest, I’d have to search for the exact time, but yes, the option will appear if you meet the criteria. It’s not restricted by pilot or OS or anything

and with the other ones because Ive heard a few now is there a topic that talks about it and what it has on the forum

Actually, I just saw that the amount of time you must have flown isn’t said. Everything we will say about how long is just speculation.

Yeah, exactly. Only the devs/mods know the exact number to prevent abuse of the system.

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is there a forum topic on this?

If you truly need the message, it’ll appear. I remember I didn’t have enough fuel to go to KLAX so I had to divert to KONT and the message appeared. I think it also has to do with the time remaining for your flight.


There we go. That’s where I got my second response from :)

thanks so much for the link

No there isn’t. That’s due for the next update most likely.

are there any other messages that are new because I heard one I never saw before earlier but now can’t remember it

This one ran her course. Try to avoid running out of fuel 😉


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