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Now, I like to believed that Infinite Flight is a ‘simulator’ as opposed to a ‘game’. With this in mind, I think that it’s good that many of us try to make things as realistic as possile given what we have to use.

However, not everyone does. One of my personal irritations comes from the incorrect use of lights. Now I’m aware that there are already various posts about the correct use of aircraft lights but I have a way that it can be taken further while adding a little touch of realism.

When watching/listening to ATC videos, every now and then I hear the controller (ground controller, to be more specific) remind an aircraft to turn off their strobes and/or landing lights - more often the strobes though, as they are much less obvious from the cockpit - as they can be distracting, irritating and sometimes dangerous if viewed at close range.

I’ve done a little bit of controlling myself recently in IF and it suddenly becomes blindingly obvious just how many people missuse their strobes, both on TS and Expert

Observed as a pilot, I’m not qualified to control on Expert

So… what if we had a way of ‘slapping the wrists’ of these pilots? Something along the lines of:

“N1TG, please turn off your strobes” or
“N1MD, please turn off your landing lights”

Just some food for thought.

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Is this a request @A_Hippopotamus??

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Technically, yes. Couldn’t decide whether to put it in features or ATC

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