New ATC line up and wait option

We have this command "Infinite Flight 2020; line up and wait

can we also have this “Infinite Flight 2020; line up and wait behind next landing aircraft”

when will we use it? when there is an aircraft landing, and a aircraft holding short of the runway

Why? this is good for Expediting aircraft to get on the runway. if the airport is busy, and you want the aircraft to line up and wait right after the landing aircraft with no wait

How? On the line up and wait tap, you click it, click the runway, then you have the option Send, or After Next Landing Aircraft

more reasons! there are many aircraft on final and a plane holding short, and you need to get this guy on the runway very fast, you put in that command, line up and wait behind next landing aircraft
there are many more reasons, I could go on and on, this will make ATCing so much easier

Would be good to have this, but I feel like it would only be used on busy airports where one controller has both Ground and Tower. For me the command we have is already good enough on its own, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this.


but when airports get very busy…

Then only control tower, have someone else control ground :)

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Which happens every day lol

I like the idea :)
Should be very useful and makes it clearer for the waiting aircraft


Really good idea! something like: „Test Flight 123, behind next landing aircraft, line up and wait runway 03R, be ready for a quick departure, behind.“

It’s telling the aircraft to be ready for a fast departure due traffic on final. That would make a lot of sense to me. Also „behind“ is almost every time used twice to make sure the pilot heard it.


For the time being, we can tell an aircraft to LUAW when landing aircraft passes the threshold. This on the other hand would expedite our departures and would allow us to control our airspace more efficiently.

By efficiently, I mean that you wouldn’t have to wait for landing aircraft to pass the threshold and give departing aircraft LUAW at the exact time while making others wait… Or is it just me? :)


I understand the realism aspect you are bringing to the table here. But I have to ask, is this really needed or going to benefit user experience? It’s minor and will cause confusion. I say that because there are users from around the globe and language barrier may already be a struggle. Adding words that are not needed when we have a simple and to the point LUAW command will just be more confusing for those users.


That procedure is not in use in the US, where we take our procedures from, so this will likely never be added.

I remember this has been brought up before in the IFATC.



I don’t feel this is necessary, the controller will tell you to line up and wait when the want you to line up and wait.

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Here’s a bad edit. Even if it’s unlikely it will be added it would still be a very great feature.

Why do I support this? Some times when an aircraft requests take off there’s 1NM traffic on final. With this you don’t need to wait until the landing aircraft passes the threshold and you can spend the time for something else except waiting. Also you don’t need to send nothing or „hold short“. It’s like a normal line up clearance just better for the controllers flow.
Also the „quick“ feature would be great so the aircraft will make a quick take off and will know what to expect. (best used for traffic on final)


Well, with IF simulating FAA procedures and the fact that conditional line up clearances like LUAW aren’t permitted for use in the U.S., I don’t think this would be very realistic unfortunately… Also, being a conditional clearance, it has a lot of factors and dangers associated with it.

For the curious people, here is a skybrary video about conditional line up clearances.


This is actually a great request and something I miss In IF from time to time. Very interesting to hear the concerns in the comments as well. Thanks and voted!

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I would like to see this in IF but I don’t want to remove any of my votes. I’m all in though!

Great suggestion, although unfortunately some already have difficulty following plain straight forward instructions…I foresee some pilots rolling on the runway to the same spot a pilot on final is supposed to be landing…and more. Nice thought, hope you get some votes.

I feel like there would be incompetent pilots that still line up in-front of planes lining up

This is an idea which has been discussed internally before, and unfortunately will not be included.

This command is used in some countries, but not the United States because it surrenders positive control — i.e. it tells an aircraft to enter a runway based on another event. This introduces tons of variability, especially in an online environment, and therefore won’t replace the current commands.

Closing this to return your votes.