New ATC Guide!

Thanks for this, it will definitely be a great help for all new controllers. Nice job!


Great iniciative! Thanks for the hard work to the contributors!


This is great one thing I think that some pilots need to learn is when they are asked to expedite it means go as fast as possible because I have had to around on 2 ocations because the aircraft simply takes years to exit the runway

Very nice Regan!

Woah, this is great and really useful. Cheers guys.

Someone definitely needs this! 😅😅😅


Tanks for infomation

Awesome work @RAH!

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This is amazing, Regan! This will certainly help everyone out and looks absolutely stunning. Nice work!

Awesome work Regan! The new ATC Manual is very nice!

So i know there was a few changes for ATC in update 21.1, and with that, im on 20.3, so will i be able to use the changes of 21.1 ATC in version 20.3?

Hey mate,

Unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to use the updated ATC changes that got released with 21.1 on 20.3 as they are update dependent and based on the version of the app that you have.

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so will that affect my ways of doing things on IF?

and i just found out my phone can use 21.1 until i can get my Tab S7

oh yeah also one quick question, what device do you use?

I use an iPad Pro 2nd Gen. But please feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.

Just want to avoid clogging up this thread where possible.


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ah ok yeah i understand!

thanks i will!

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Thanks for the information!

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Not to derail the convo too much here but @YeetusMcfeetus gets username of the year 🥇


Thank you!!!

Nice! this would be helpful for the aspiring IFATCs