New ATC Frustrations

Sorry for the vent, but there is a question at the end…

I’ve been working hard at learning ATC, especially Approach which I find the most interesting. But since I’m still new, I’m stuck on the training server. I’ve been putting in a lot of work at KJFK because of the amount of traffic that comes through, and because it’s also where I work, so I’m familiar with it and the surrounding area.

Just now, I had a nice flow going, and then about five aircraft in a row completely ignore instructions and approach closed runways. I’m not sure if Tower attempted to stop them or not, but they continued to land anyway.

Which leads to my question. Is there an airport that is also pretty busy so I can continue to learn, that the pilots tend to follow instructions better? Someone once mentioned the “paid regions” are better. Any input? And have any of you who control had similar experiences when starting out?

Non-existent since global😉

I would recommend somewhere like EDDF

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I have noticed that EGLL follow instructions a bit better and it is busy. Only thing is most wont contact you until they are so close that there isn’t much vectoring to be done…

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Hey! If you’re serious about ATC, you could join IFATC as a tower controller. After 60 days of active controlling, you would be able to get radar certified as well. IFATC does have a training team with many pilots who will actually follow your instructions and give you feedback to improve, if you’re interested.

To contact a trainer and get started, read thru this link and fill out a form. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions regarding the process.

Regards and happy controlling,
ATC Trainer


Which is what I kind of like about working KJFK. Because of the nearby airports, it requires a fair amount of vectoring.

I totally understand your frustration, but unfortunately the Training Server is designed to be a place for new pilots to learn how to interact with ATC, and for controllers themselves to get to grips with the basics of controlling. It’s impossible to systematically distinguish between well-intentioned yet inexperienced users from trolls, so unfortunately there’s always going to be a few users who aren’t taking it seriously at all.

My main piece of advice is to stay away from the mainstream airports (KLAX, KJFK, EGLL, OMDB) as these places are usually a hotspot for trolls. I’d stick for slightly less-mainstream airports such as CYVR, EDDM, and OMAA, as these places usually have decent traffic numbers.

In addition, as @BluePanda900 mentioned above, we do have a programme called IFATC which allows users to control on the Expert Server. I highly recommend it if you’re into controlling.

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If you are looking to join IFATC, then you should make an ATC tracking thread, this allows professional people on our forum to come and see your skills. i recommend shoosing airports of diferent sizes and shapes to better acquaint you with all types of airports, as ATC goes to different ones every day. Heres an example:

I’d definitely be interested in this. Thank you!

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Highly recommend the ATCEG

And also, that you create a tracking thread. It’s a great way to get better traffic into your airspace, and also recieve helpful feedback.

I’ll keep an eye out for you and come join when I can.

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Thank you all for the advice… I’ll create a thread in a bit.


Hey I’m part of IFEP and BAVA and I’m wondering how to get the “extra” sayings in ATC such as LOW FUEL?

You can call a low fuel warning after you’ve been flying for at least an hour and have “low fuel”.

Oh really?

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Thanks 😂 hahaha

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I noticed that the atc at lax are more controlled and disciplined, but you have a lot of other atcs out there so pick your airport carefully

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