New ATC Crew

A new ATC Crew is starting up✈️
It is simply called “ATC Playground Crew”
It is a friendly no-pressure environment where Playground Controllers can gain experience and get feedback from Advanced Controllers!
It would of course involve group controlling in certain places.
We are linked with IFEP and provide ATC Services for many of their events.
If you want to join and possibly get recommendations from pilots on these forums then please don’t hesitate to reply to this topic
Thankyou for your time and Happy Flying/Cntrolling😀✈️😉


I would be interested :)

I would be Interested too!

I have sent you both PM’s with the details!

Thank you!

No Problem!

Hey, I’m interested as well :)

I would like to join :) I love being an ATC on the playground and was thinking i need a bit of coaching about being aproach/center.

sounds in

I would be interested too.

I’m interested too :)

I want to join

Waw even me, i interest to join with team

Any chance I could get in on this?

Good luck to you guys! Hopefully we will see a bunch of already well experienced ATC when they apply for testing!

Drago B,

I think this is a great idea. Just make sure that you learn the correct procedures. Sometimes bad habits are hard to break.

Interested! Sounds like a good idea.

I’ll be glad to help in any way needed and as time allows in my work.

Just give me a bit of time guys, then I will get back to you all, okay?

Cheers guys :) ;)

Great! I would love to join!