New ATC communication command

Hey there good people of Infinite Flight.

First of all I couldn’t find the right place to post this. But I hope you can forgive me for that

I noticed in a tutorial from real aviation pilot Captain Joe on YouTube that there is an important step missing in Infinite Flight. When the Approach ATC gives you directions to the runway and ILS approach you have to acknowledge that you intercepted the glide slope. After you communicate this to the ATC they can hand you over to the tower.

Is this something that you guys can add in a future update?

As always I’m very grateful and happy with the amazing Infinite Flight Simulator.

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Hi there @Eric_Welling!
Since this is more of a feature request for the simulator, I would suggest moving it to #features, where people can vote for it and make it more compelling to editor staff.
Cheers, have a great FNF!


i have to say, i have never heard an intercept confirmation being transmitted by the pilot, at any airport i’ve been to

it always goes like this

APP: blah blah cleared ILS approach rwy X

PILOT: cleared ILS approach rwy X

APP (once pilot is on final): and contact TWR 123.45 (at X mile final, at FIX, etc)

Hello @Eric_Welling!

As @Daniel_Steinman said, this is more of a feature request, you do have to be TL2 to post in #features, which you are not.

Just keep liking, commenting, and posting to get there!

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Just keep posting and you’ll reach TL2 @Eric_Welling