New ATC commands

What are the new ATC commands? I’m on iOS so I don’t have the update yet. Thanks!

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I have iOS too, but from what I’ve heard, there are holding commands, pushback commands (ex: Pushback approved, expect 25R), and a few others.

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By reminders, what do you mean?

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OK, thanks. That’s helpful for approach/departure/center frequencies

It’s now possible for tower controllers to answer unable when a aircraft requests a runway change. Before it wasn’t. Also now, often on the expert server we have a atc leaving and another one taking over. Now we can actually broadcast a message saying ¨attention all aircrafts, controller change in progress¨ :)

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Couldn’t find it…

A lot of things, including:

Holding patterns
Pushback options
Deny pattern work on takeoff
Deny runway change request
Reminders (notification at position/height)
Broadcast controller change


Ok, thank you very much!

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Today while on WSSS someone asked for runway change then I noticed there was a reply “unable”. I wonder if that’s new? Ive never seen it as any other tower before.

If its new, we can now use unable =D

Yes it’s new with the recent update.

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