New ATC commands thread CLOSED DUPLICATE

New ATC commands would be great I personally think these should be added

“Attention all aircraft visibility is low, please taxi with caution”

“Attention all aircraft, windshear on final”

Comment what ATC commands you want to be added!

I recommend putting this in #features :)
You’re TL2 so you definitely could.

Ok I changes it to #features

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Hey! Thanks for your post today. Unfortunately, as @niks.goen pointed out, this topic is a duplicate. Here’s another topic it’s similar to:

In any case, it’s good that you’re getting involved and using the forum. I’d recommend having a look at the topics that have been linked and adding your thoughts there - it keeps things here neat and organized.

For more information on the #features and #atc categories, follow up here:

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Ok 😪😪 I’ll wait for this topic to be closed and probably not post for a while goodbye from -IFaviationEldin

Don’t worry! That post looks long cause the links make it that way. Just remember to search for existing topics before posting about them, it helps keep things here organized. You’ll get the hang of everything in no time :)

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I did search it but no one requested the same commands I just wont post anymore

That’s up to you. I think posting them on either of the threads linked here would be good. Good luck!

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