New ATC Commands Needed

So after spending a fair amount of time controlling on TS1. I think it would be great not only for ATC , but also from a learning point of view for pilots if these 2 new commands got introduced …

  • “Please request pushback before requesting taxi.”
  • “Please wait for pushback clearance before pushing back .”

I know it drives me nuts when aircraft just start pushing back without clearance or request taxi when they actually need to request pushback first !

I know ATC controllers , especially in TS1, will know and feel my pain !


We definitely need these!

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This is something ur always going to face with nimrods being existent. Those messages won’t do much to stop them. If you want a better atc experience u should try and become an IFATC

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True it is always hard working with nimrods , but at least it’s a possible solution to the issue and alerts pilots to their mistake…

What I think we need is the ability to type text in and then for it to send on the frequency. There could be preset options like “request taxi” and stuff, but if someone was doing something wrong, like pushing back without permission, you could type it in. There could be a text filter to filter bad words or there could be a trust level you have to gain to use the type to speak feature


I also used to thinks this , but came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t be able to control myself with freedom of text when a aircraft decides to on purpose mess up the airspace … I think the filter and trust level thing could work thou ⭐️

Trust me half the people there could care less about their mistakes. The people on casual follow the rules better than the nimrods. Today I was on casual and landed at ksan, exitting the rwy, guess what. Bet u didn’t guess it, they waited and let me taxi by properly. I was amazed by this. And yes this was on CASUAL.

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Hahaha you’re right, they use Unicom like a professional, but when they can go into TS1, all hell breaks lose.

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The problem with these is that they’d be useless if someone were to work traffic correctly. I’d just give them a pushback first if they ask for taxi, then grant a taxi request (within reason, depending on plane and location/stand). If they start pushbacking without permission and a plane is in the way, a hold position will be given. If they’re not following… then Casper will be met. In the case of training server controllers, just hit that report button; yes, it takes three, but at least it’s something. People with half a brain would notice and do the same. Besides, you wouldn’t be able to do anything impactful with warnings- if pilots are doing it without permission, they will ignore anyway.

At the end of the day, you’d just be clogging up the frequency. Spend time giving commands that matter, as a pushback or taxi clearance would most likely be given right after those warnings. What’s the point?

Focus on suggesting useful items, such as being able to ask if a plane wants an intersection departure. The holds we got in a prior update came from a random suggestion, and is a widely useful tool that many radar controllers utilize.

Deposits $0.02 into the jar.


" then Casper will be met "😂. I personally believe that these commands are needed as I’m sure many pilots don’t actually realize their mistake and maybe if told to request pushback first then they will correct their error. I know what you mean by if they don’t care they don’t care , but at the same time I don’t apreicate the comment, "focus on suggesting useful things " as I personally believe that this is a useful suggestion and I’m sure if somone on TS1 can’t respond to a basic instruction then I’m sure they won’t understand about the intersection departure instruction …

It won’t change things overnight , but could help in the long run …

Just my views and opinions …

This is what we have “check forum for tutorials on using ATC instructions” for. It was modified in the last update, if you saw.

Take the suggestion with a grain of salt. If someone doesn’t understand a command, again, refer them to the check tutorials. You’re comparing apples to oranges with that argument.

Yes I did notice it and I do use it regularly! At the end of the day it was just a friendly suggestion…

My one would simply just be “Stop now and request pushback first”

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Or hold position and request pushback

Well we do have hold position, but I fully support this request. It is a pet peeve of mine pushing back with no clearance!

Thanks for your support !

I think you should be able to talk on the sever like in real life

I think we already have plenty of good commands. The one command we really need is a “backtrack” command.

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No, I wouldn’t like that. People would say inappropriate things. We just need more commands.

Could have IFATCs as server moderators