New ATC Command Needed

As ATC, I encounter many instances of aircrafts taxiing and attempting take off with doors open, or airplanes approaching/landing with gears up.

Please think of a solution for the ATC. If I am both Ground and Tower, I usually hand them over to Tower and use the “Traffic Alert-Check Surroundings” to maybe help them look outside and find the issue, but it is still confusing to them, and if you are just the Ground, there are no commands to bring the open doors to their attention.

On top of that there are almost always wrong use of lights during taxi, during crossing/entering runways. That also deserves an investigation. However, I still see the open door issue the most priority. Don’t you really get annoyed witnessing it?

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This could also be a glitch in the app. Even though the person’s door may be shut, it might not appear so in your session. There’s been many instances (and funny screenshots) where people have posted about doors being open in cruise at FL350 when in reality, that’s not what actually happened - it’s just the way that IF shows you the aircraft on multiplayer.

This has been much debated on the forum, and the conclusion that most of us have come to is that it’s a little overkill being “realism police.” It’s similar to saying “Spirit Airlines should not spawn into EGLL.” Sure, it may be annoying to see people being not “realistic” but at the end, it’s not harming anyone and not ruining anybody else’s experience - and it’s certainly not violation-worthy, or ATC’s job to police this kind of thing in the sim. I would’ve agreed with you, if dynamic lighting existed and it distracted players on final, or if a similar situation existed. But for now, I think we can leave it be :)


As IFATC…im not sure if ur a training ATC but as IFATC and ur at a busy airport, u dont have time to tell someone their door is open or they’re using the wrong lights, thats their responsibility. As ATC ur responsibility is to control aircrafts on ground and in ur airspace so that u dont have collisions and do it in an efficient manner. Having doors open does not affect u as ATC neither is having the wrong lights. Have u ever heard, if u dont listen, u will learn? Same thing here, they will learn. U dont have to clog up the ATC with unnecessary reports of trying to get people to do certain things that is not ur responsibility


I agree, may be glitch on user end. You see a lot of weird stuff happening with aircraft which is to be expected as not everyone may have a good connection.

On another note to OP , if i’m ATC on TS I don’t really look at that because you’re supposed to move the aircraft around not make sure they have it setup for departure. It can be a frustrating if you’re looking for straight realism which is understandable but mistakes happen.

As an ATC controller your job in not to control aircraft’s doors, systems, passengers, lights etc. Your job is simply just to control airport movement

It’s a known bug, their doors are closed. That’s just what’s seen on the ATC side.

Out of genuine curiosity. And a bit off topic from the original question…

I took this question to a few real-world controllers that also control in my region VATSIM. Both had the same reply.

Controller A - Real world local control at a C airport in Texas: “Our job is to get an aircraft safely from point A to point B. The safety of the aircraft would be included if we could visually see something wrong with the aircraft. So yes, if the doors were open, we would have responsibility to let the pilot know there is a safety issue”

Controller B - Real world D10 controller, previous local at DFW: “Absolutely, and it happens more than you think, especially with cargo flights. If we have eyes on an aircraft and see something wrong, it is just another safety check and we should report it.”

Alas, to IF. Yes, this is a glitch that causes aircraft to appear to have their doors open most of the time. Though I can’t say I’ve never messed around on ground and then forgotten to close them up when taking off and not realize it until later :(


I agree, it shouldn’t matter how busy it is. Traffic level is irrelevant to service quality.


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