New ATC Command Confirmed

Got a new ATC command used today! Taken today at EDDL while @DavidCutler was controlling.


The most Command i need

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Wasnt this reported on the forum already? Or was it IFFG?

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I searched… But could have missed it…

EDIT: Searched about 4 more things and couldn’t find it Dushy, maybe you should go to bed.


OMG Yes, finally!

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Why do I always have to get exposed for this… ;)


Haha! It’s what you get for denying my pattern work.

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Good god this is brilliant

The amount of times I have had a guy at the bottom of the runway requesting a pattern takeoff…

I totally agree ;) It’s a great idea!

Nice, what a great new command. But there’s still so many more out there… It would be impossible to add them all because controllers and pilots can almost just have a chat over the frequency :-)

Shouldn’t pattern work be denied before issuing the TO clearance?


This is after broadcasting no pattern work. However, pilots will still request it. This now allows controllers to give a TO clearance without a pattern direction. Previously, when remaining in the pattern was requested, controllers were forced to give a direction which contradicted the denial of pattern work.


It was, I requested takeoff with pattern, and he told me no pattern work excepted, then told me that.

Yes it definitely solves that. I just would re-order it to RWY xx, unable pattern work, cleared for takeoff. Or “Pattern work denied. RWY xx, cleared for takeoff”. Or even “Pattern work request denied.” and let them re-do the departure request.

Of course this will all be solved when we get our clearance delivery! :D


@AR_AR There already is a command that you can give individually denying pattern work. But then pilots have to re-request the take off and departure, or else we are forced to give pattern commands, like Joe said.

There’s also a new Ground command “Pushback approved, expect Runway XX”


Ok sounds good. It’s just not really standard phraseology. “Cleared for takeoff” should generally be last.

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This command is useful! Because in heave traffic in the air and heave traffic on the ground, this command is really helpful

I agree the wording is slightly awkward. And, you’ve been hanging around @Swang007 too much. Don’t let him poison you with the crazy CD ideas.

LOL. CLRC DEL would benefit everyone. Might be interesting to see how inexperienced pilots deal with it at first, but I think it’d pay off in the long run.