New ATC camera option

It would be nice for tower and ground if we had a North up birds eye camera view that included a mini map in one of the corners. The camera and mini map would both be independently zoomable, and the mini map can be panned. You set the mini map zoom level to view the entire airport or whatever part you’re interested in. Set the camera view so you can easily pick out individual aircraft but far enough out that you can see pending issues.

The interaction of the camera and mini map is as follows… The center of the camera view is locked to the center of the mini map. So if someone requests push, you move him to the center of the mini map, and the zoomed camera view follows.

This would make it so much easier to handle ground and tower.

Here’s an photoshopped example

Awesome Feature! Would love to have a Camera like this at every Terminal or in scattered parts of the airport. Hope this gets some votes


Great request!


The best idea I have ever come across, I like to watch everything. I see some people controlling ground just using the radar. I couldn’t do that. Ground can get so demanding this should speed things up a little.

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Very unique request! This is will be a subtle feature that will definitely help ATC when controlling!

Love the idea and I voted for it. But Linda , can you find some things for him to do around the house ?


Love the idea and it’s very useful, especially for big airports such as Madrid.

Quickly identified my home airport <3

This makes the ground controllers job so much easier

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Bumping this. As someone who loves controlling ground, this would be amazing.


This would be perfect. Seeing aircraft from above would be useful.

Agree, this would make things so much clearer and easier - Gets my vote

That’s a realistic awesome camera view!

Good idee!

voted already but im bumping as i think as many people should see it as possible

This would be great if we had a low res version of planes to load so we can see all instead of a handful.


Need to bump this up, good feature.

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