New ATC Buttons/Options

Hey all the community! I have been searching and no one have post this ATC new options. This is for making the simulator more realistic in terms of ATC. This are the new ATC options there should be added:

-Engine Start Request (Ground): You have to request for engine starting as in real life.

-Request holding position making right/left 360’s (Approach/Departure): If you are approaching an airport and you notice you are too high, you can request making a right/left 360 for descending without a steep approach.

-Fuel Emergency (All except Ground): Just put out the 3 flight hours minimum for declaring fuel emergency, and putting the minimum flight time at 1 hour

-Taxiing to Parking Announcement (Unicom): You can announce you are taxiing to the gate while using unicom.

-Advise ATC of Traffic (All): You can advise ATC if an airplane is too near to you, so he/she can take decisions of Going Around or 360 for spacing or holding position in ground.

-Requesting Speed (Approach/Departure): You can request ATC to reduce speed for final approach or changing speed for avoiding traffic if ATC don’t notice it. And only reduce/increase speed if ATC orders it to you, so you can request the best final approach speed in relation to your weight.

-Divert to another airport due to bad weather (Approach/Departure): This is just in situation you tune to ATIS, and there are hard winds, you can take a decision: Try to land or Divert to another airport.

-Request for Vertical Speed (Approach/Departure): As you can request an Altitude, it should be possible to request also a Vertical Speed for your descend/ascend, and also ATC gives you Vertical Speed instructions.

I hope you like them!! They should be added to make IF more realistic and easier in some cases.


Edit 1: Removed the “Engine Failure” button. Added “Divert due to bad weather” button.

Edit 2: Added “Vertical Speed Request” button.

some of them, yes I totally agree, others, not so much. Like this one:

You are disconnected from the live server, and thus can’t communicate with ATC.


Oh, true! I didn’t remembered that!

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This command is already in the sim.

This would easily get abused.


Yeah, no one is perfect, you’re welcome for the reminder

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I don’t find them in the ATC buttons…

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Sorry, missunderstood that one. Expert ATC would never vector you for a steep approach…

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No problem! Everyone can make errors. Like me 5 minutes ago 😂😂


There are new buttons added to the list! Check them out!!

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I really would love a request fuel dump pattern so that the ATC can vector you if you are overweight and not ready for landing. But you have my vote.


There is a Fuel Emergency button, when you have less than one hours + your ETE to dest the button appears


Yes I know, what I am saying is to remove this time

I like some of these but not so much the asking controllers for things. The poor guys would get spammed to death with people asking to do stuff. Request holding pattern I like but there is already a missed approach so not sure it is needed. Like taxi to parking.

This was put in place so people wouldnt spawn at a nearby airport to a controlled airport and setting their fuel levels to really low and then flying to the controlled airport and declaring a fuel emergency.


Ok, so just change it ti 1hour

It has always been at 1 hour and it should stay that way it shouldnt be removed!

I think it has been 3 hours always…

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Nope! It’s 1 hour.

Oh sorry, I mean an “undisclosed” time.

This should be combined with Pushback. Otherwise it’ll be too spammy for IFATC.


Agree. Hearing requests to “push and start” are pretty common on irl ground control frequencies.

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