New Arrivals from Amsterdam @ KMSP

Hello IFC,

Today I had an opportunity to go spotting at MSP for a short time to see the new aircraft KLM had replaced their 787 with, and I was very excited to find out it was a A330! But while waiting for its departure, I also decided to do a bit of general spotting.

A Mesa Airlines - United Express ERJ 170-200LR (N88335) slowing down on 30L after landing.

An American 737-800 taxing to runway 17 for a south departure.

And here it is, the magnificent KLM A330-300 (PH-AKD). Named Plaza de la Cathedral - Habana, it is 7 years old and seems to fly a diverse number of routes based off of its flight history

Turning away to join the SID.

Unfortunately, I had to leave as it was getting cold, but at least I managed to catch the A330. I would love feedback on my pictures so feel free to leave feedback in the comments.


Great spots. Unfortunately cloudy days usually suck for spotting, but these are good cloudy-day shots nonetheless.


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